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    What The Heck To I Do, I Bought The Old Gp32 Like A Moron, Or: My 210

    TIP: as soon as you get the free launcher to work and your confident... flash the firmware to european :-)
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    Rediscovering Gp32

    I still love my GP32 - Ive started taking care of it obsessively - cant bare to think of the day it breaks down... I agree - I own all the major consoles (except the crappy microsoft xshox) and still pick up the GP32 daily! sPaCe :ph34r:
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    What The Heck To I Do, I Bought The Old Gp32 Like A Moron, Or: My 210

    god I love that old korean firmware - might re-flash for old times sake! sPaCe :ph34r: ps - the gp32 is still my favourite machine of all time! you bought right kid!
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    "smc Not Inserted" Error

    xp fooks the format up.... rats a forum member designed a tool to write a new disk image to your smc - if its 128mb it should work ok!! have a search for it sPaCe :ph34r:
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    Ps One Mod Chipped + Disks

    its sold to sensible... I just need to get my shit together! sorry dude!! pics tomorrow I promise sPaCe
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    Ps One Mod Chipped + Disks

    yes bishi bashi is in there! :-)
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    Gp32, To Buy, Or Not To Buy?

    just checked lik sang - do they have stock??? sPaCe :ph34r:
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    Gp32, To Buy, Or Not To Buy?

    you wont regret it... my missus still uses a non lit, Dave C is right although I would say that its a bit better than the GBA cause its reflective and much bigger... I have an old GBA which you cant use without a light or something... never needed to on the non-lit make sure it OC to at...
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    What Fanboy Are You

    stay on topic guys - I was enjoying this one! sPaCe :ph34r:
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    New Korean Handheld?

    50'000 games??? did I read that right? sPaCe :ph34r:
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    Ps One Mod Chipped + Disks

    that sounds like a good offer... Ill gather it together and take a pic! then you can see if you still want it! you still in sheffield? we could meet up. sPaCe :ph34r:
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    What Game Should I Buy?

    cube - Harvest Moon - every time! or Animal Crossing! PS2 - try something different like Viewtiful Joe PSP - sell the little fucker :P sPaCe :ph34r:
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    Ps One Mod Chipped + Disks

    Ok guys... your advice please... I got a classic PS One mod chipped with about 80 disks + NTSC conversion software... plays everything you throw at it - never had a problem... 2 controllers, Scart lead etc etc etc ... missus says I got to sell it :o What price shall I put on it? Does...
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    Should I Sell My Gp32

    I might have a buyer hanz if the price is right PM me :) sPaCe :ph34r: