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    4 General Questions As Of 2013 Caanoo

      The Class rating is for write speed. This will mainly affect you when sending lots of large files over to the card. (Use a card reader, it's faster than transfers through the caanoo itself)   I did notice the main menu went a lot faster when I updated to a 32GB Class 10 card, maybe it was...
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    Emulator Version Updates

    Gmenu2X is an alternative menu system that was ported to Caanoo early on. You can run this as an application and then choose the game. Somehow, whatever gmenu is doing, it allows many things to run in TV out that normally do not when run from the stock menu launcher.   GPSP is the Gameboy...
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    Emulator Version Updates

      You need the application to enable TV out.,0,0,0,114,597   Then you need to either buy the premade caanoo TV cables (These are getting more expensive now), or build one from a samsung/LG 24-pin USB cable.  ...
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    Lost Caanoo Branded Sd Card!

    The one with the Rhythmos/Propsis demo and the stand-alone MAME roms? Or the one with actual games on it?
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    Tutorial For Getting Usb Controllers To Work On Caanoo.

      Picodrive, PCSX Rearmed, MAME and CPS2/Capex (No custom keybinds), I think all of zx-81's emulators have usb joystick support. Those are the ones that come ot mind.
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    Tv Out Selfmade Cable?

     I don't think the stock Caanoo USB cable has all the pins populated. I think it has an extra ground pin to match the number you'd need, so you could potentially extract the pins and move them around to other slots but it won't be easy.
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    Emulator Version Updates

    For most emulators that don't work with tv out, there is a workaround by launching them from Gmenu2x instead of the stock launcher.   GPSP's image will flicker a copy inside itself unless you turn off fullscreen scaling.
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    Pcsx Rearmed R17

      Ehrgeiz might be a good candidate. Seemed to be rather stable in previous versions, but very low framerates.  Another might be Unholy War, which was only slightly slow in previous versions but had high playability. (For the curious, this one was completely borked in PCSX4All, huge graphical...
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    [Caanoo] A Few Questions

    Extra stuff/ Change CD Image is for disc swaps. For GPFCE, it's L+Home to bring up the menu, and R+Home to exit directly. I can't recall, but if savestates are defaulted to the shoulder buttons, you'll have to hold it down while you cancel the savestate confirmation, then press Home. It's not...
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    Opened Caanoo...

    I think I might be able to help you with that. PM me if you don't get any other offers.
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    Need To Power Led Bar From Caanoo Board... But Where?

    That's strange, as I've actually charged other devices off of it before, and does so now. Do you have 'usb drive' turned on in the settings to enable the USB host?
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    Need To Power Led Bar From Caanoo Board... But Where?

    Is there any reason you can't take the 5v off the USB host port?
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    Caanoo: Tv-Out For Temper And Picodrive Not Working

    You can run gmenu2X as an application and keep the normal interface as-is.
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    Caanoo: Tv-Out For Temper And Picodrive Not Working

    Try running it from Gmenu2X to bypass the TV out issue.
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    Multimedia Compatible Filetypes

    To a resolution and bitrate that will perform adequately.