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    Mame4all 1.3

    website in progress: I only just started it, so it is far from complete. More pics soon :)
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    Mame4all 1.3

    nah. to him it's just "oh, cool, dad's made a little computer game thing. I want a go!" okay then! I better go find those pics.
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    Mame4all 1.3

    hmm yeah, I thought it was gonna be easy, but ah... things are never as simple as they first look ;) I originally was thinking of gutting my GP2X, making it a permanent internal fixture, so I opened it up and looked at soldering the arcade switches straight into the connectors on the board but...
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    Mame4all 1.3

    Franxis and the crew, many thanks for your ongoing work! loving the newest version! this calls for a picture or two. This is where my copy of Mame4All resides: Yes, it is powered by a GP2X, and yes those are real full-size arcade controls(!), and that is a tiny (5" or so, can't remember...
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    Post Your Gp2x Overclockng Record

    my first edition gp2x reaches the dizzying heights of... about 242 mhz. 245 and it crashes. so thats a good couple of mhz above the chip spec :(
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    New Gp2x

    try the C64 versions of R-Type and Space Harrier. both of them play fantastically. R-Type is damn hard! and Space Harrier looks a bit crap (no 3d checkerboard-ground effect) but it still plays like a dream, and is really fast. edit: use Frodo because Vice isn't fast enough
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    challenge accepted B) tarkmakkatak.... tarmamarmakarma.... tarkamakkarrakkaa... tarm... doh! you were right. :lol:
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    Using Arcade Controls Via Ext-port

    thanks everyone, for your suggestions. progress so far: I've just bought a cheapo USB gamepad with 10 buttons, and a 4-way pad. This is enough for everything except the stick-centre-press, which I can happily live without. so i plugged it in, and checked all the button presses in 'test mode'...
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    Best Shoot Em Ups?

    my faves on mame are: 1942, 1943 and some of the oldies like: Gyrus, Juno First, Sinistar plus there's the CPS2 emulator with some great newer stuff like: Mars Matrix, Gigawing, 19XX, 1944, ProGear
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    Using Arcade Controls Via Ext-port

    neat idea. i think I'll try this :) should make software setup a doddle (ie. nothing to do!) so, I'm wondering do ALL the gp2x buttons map to joystick buttons? there are 11 (including vol-up/down and the joystick-centre-push) and it would be cool to support as many of those as possible. I guess...
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    Using Arcade Controls Via Ext-port

    yeah it does. I was wondering if I could re-map those keyboard presses into.... well... don't the ACTUAL gp2x buttons generate keyboard presses of some kind? if I knew what they were, maybe I could write a little C program that intercepts the mini-IPAC keyboard presses and generates a translated...
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    Grayscale Tv Out

    yeah, what I did was same as you Jackd, I got an inline s-video to composite adaptor, for about £3. its just a plug with s-vid pins on one side and a yellow-phono composite on the other. that worked fine. doesn't really matter to me that its only a composite signal, it hides the jaggies a bit ;)
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    Using Arcade Controls Via Ext-port

    hi all, my gp2x-powered mini-mini-arcade machine is nearing completion :-) I have a nice Sanwa arcade stick, and arcade-buttons, connected to the GP2X via a min-IPAC into USB on the break-out-board. the joystick works fine in Mame :-) BUT... how in hell's name can I use the buttons??? I don't...
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    Our Devs Are Great!

    thankyouthankyouthankyouthankyouthankyouthankyou all devs!!! the gp2x scene absolutely kicks ass at the moment. I can hardly keep up with all the quality stuff that is appearing. up with open-platform (and down with the alternative: big corporate restrictive bullsh*t). it just shows what...
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    Ttd2x: Transport Tycoon Deluxe On The Gp2x

    hurrah!!! I'm completely swimming in hundreds of splendid top-quality new s/w releases/updates since xmas. my gp2x hardly knows what's hit it, and the poor SD card is groaning under the weight of all this gaming goodness :)