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    Psp Ordered!

    so whats up with that rumoured lcd screen sharp to samsung business months ago?
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    Selling Gp32 Nonflu

    still selling, asking price 70 USD + whatever shipping cost you choose
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    Psp Trading Thread

    Vampire Chronicles for trade(box and manual included, japanese) - looking for lumines or metal gear acid
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    Selling Gp32 Nonflu

    i live in New Jersey
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    Selling Gp32 Nonflu

    I am selling my gp32 non-flu it is in decent condition, i sanded around the analog the best i could so the diagonals work when the analog is pulled out slightly it can overclock to 166 mhz easily (yes it was one of the lucky ones) included with the gp32 non-flu are -cd with useful things...
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    Wanted Gba Flash Cart!!!!

    i have one too its 64m (Flash Advance extreme) i got software and everything can fit just 1 game for the most part, but no pokemon games
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    Psp Multiplayer Tunneling

    i played ridge racers through multiplayer and loved it but i really want to try vampire chronicles through tunneling has anyone gotten this to work? or does anyone wanna try it with me?
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    A Nice Thread All About The Psp

    i wonder if 3rd parties will develop firmware for the psp...
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    Psp Online. Anyone With A Psp Reply Here :d

    yeah xlink kai seems has a really nice server along with a forum set up, i cant wait till i get to try it out, only 5 more days
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    Psp Online. Anyone With A Psp Reply Here :d

    i bought a psp off ebay a couple days ago psp valuepack, ridge racers, and vampire chronicles all for $470 with free shipping so ill be getting it maybe in the next two weeks
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    Hardest Game Ever?

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    Asking Price For A Dc??

    what are you thinking? don't sell the dreamcast, its a great system play ikaruga
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    Smashgp 0.3

    hey thx! u know, i been pretty busy lately, but im still working on psylocke
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    yes... classic game, loved it
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    Psylocke For Smashgp

    yeah, it actually takes enough time editing each sprite... but the reason i posted this is because i dont want someone else making this character when they can work on other characters its like having 5 Links or pikachus released at once