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    has not set their status

    has not set their status
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    has not set their status
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    Php Object Generator's Logo Is Almost The Same As The Pandora'

    Small world. Hopefully nobody gets in a legal tiff.
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    Release Assembled Pandora Video

    Very, very cool. Thank you MWeston!
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    Minor Re-payment / Preordering Update

    Soze, a few people here have successfully reordered using the Tranzfers service. If you're hung up on a particular aspect of the process, just ask for help bud. ;) Quick Edit: Use this as a frame of reference.
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    Wondering About Delays?

    Egads! I thought I'd posted! :o Thanks ED, information like this is always appreciated around these parts.
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    Minor Re-payment / Preordering Update

    The update itself, is minor. But I see where the confusion might be. :D -- and please, don't present your speculation as fact. Nobody knows exactly what's going on, that includes you.
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    Some Clarifications On Pre-Orders

    Yup! Pass your original order number, GXX#########, as a reference, and transfer your refunded amount, minus transfer fees, to OpenPandora's bank account (bank info here) I'm just personally waiting for the email to tell me how much I was refunded. I didn't get that email either ;)
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    Some Clarifications On Pre-Orders

    I've become a bit disenchanted with the project too lately, until I was explaining the situation to my friend, and mentioned the specs of the Pandora to him. It hit me (again) just how awesome the Pandora is and will be. Now I'm giddy about it again. Haha :rolleyes: BTW Craig&Co. have had shit...
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    Using - From The Us

    Yessir. A miss Michelle Nash took my call, and I specified my location, and what'd I'd be using the service for. I'm not sure WHY I got routed to CanadianForex, but to use them, I need to embark on a damn quest. <_< OP will get my money.
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    Using - From The Us

    Sounds simple enough, but Tranzfers directed me to CanadianForex, which they told me, was their parent company.
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    Working Payment Options

    Holy fuckamole. I'm trying to use Tranzfers. But before I can activate my account, I need to: send a scan of my passport, which I don't think I have. mail a $1 cheque to Canada and have a notary sign some paper of some sort Can I just rip all of my teeth out and mail those for payment instead...
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    Transfers... Tranzfers..

    Well, I'm trying the route. Have any other people in the US used this service? I'm not quite sure what to do after signing up, I thought about emailing the Gp32x store for more info, but I don't know their email either. Or even how much to send for that matter. Any help?
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    Big Companies Should Invest In Pandora-like Projects?

    Well, lets hope your aunt doesn't grow a pair. She would make a horrible uncle :(
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    All Refunds Not Sent Yet

    It's hidden. You must run around the room three times, clockwise, to unlock your magic the credit card reorder page. Really, it's heartening to hear the people with "wheres the CC reorder page", rather than giant walls of text explaining why Craig & Co. are the most brilliant damned scammers of...