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    Hi, new game released : a new sqrxz have fun!
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    Sqrxz 2 V0.80 (Caanoo)

    Maybe you can try to edit the .cfg file and update the button values.
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    1) Does it work at all? yes 2) Is the default button mapping fine? B to move , X for menu (MENU for menu should be better imho) 3) Are there any visual glitches? Not for the moment.
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    Is Cubex Meant For The Blu+?

    The game is running at 133 by default. As I'm using the mirko's sdk, there is a trick to force the screen init for blu, blu+ (button R while launching or something like that). You can recompile/fix it with the source available here: (btw, xump3D is using the same engine)...
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    Performance Problems With Sdlmixer

    Maybe you can try libmodplug (,0,0,0,46,130) with Mix_HookMusic.
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    Caanoo / WIZ Wiz Game Engine

    Will you keep your engine private or will you release a public version (at least headers and lib as binary) ?
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    Openscenegraph V2.9.6 (Test)

    Did you download the correct file ?
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    Openscenegraph V2.9.6 (Test)

    There is a small sample in this release that loads some objects (.osg and .3ds files). Edit the .gpe file and see how you can display your own objects.
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    Opengl Es Engine

    Hi, I compiled OpenSceneGraph 2.9.6 for wiz and I've done a little sample, all is available here: OpenSceneGraph is an open source 3D engine with a lot of features and plugins for common data files (3D & other). The last dev version (2.9.6) offers support for OpenGL ES 1 &...
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    Opengl In The Firmware 1.2.0

    .h (from the web) and .so (from the wiz itself) are enough to code... (I have no .a nor .o)
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    Opengl In The Firmware 1.2.0

    If you need SDL1.3 & touchscreen, I've done a little sample based on Pickle's port of nehe's tutorials (lesson18): : you can rotate one of the cube displayed. It includes sources & compiled binaries, the touchscreen events are translated to SDL mouse events (it's not directly...
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    Giana's Return Is Out

    Please ToYoT, don't write passwords on the forum, or I'll have to change them for the final release... I've sent you a PM to talk about this bug. bug found and fixed, will be available in the next beta Giana's Coder
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    Giana's Return Is Out

    I don't know if it works on wiz (it's ok on win32) but you can add a file named giana.cfg where the executable is and add these lines: j_jump=0 j_fire=1 it means button 0 for jump and button 1 for fire (start button can be changed too) you can change these values and tell me if it works.
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    I don't think we're talking about the same level, my moves pattern was from level start. I re-applied this pattern today successfuly.
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    ldruuuldldrrrrdll Last time I help you!