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    One week to go... and so much work to do (2012-02-10)

    I placed my order on September 30 or October 1st, whatever that year it was when the preorders were first announced ;) . I recently had to change my address and at the same time out of curiosity asked for my queue position. Apparently I'm at 1300-1400 after all of this time. Hopefully one...
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    What Should The Pandora App Store Be Named?

    I do like the sound of the "Pandora Application Library" for an open-source repository of homebrew applications. Perhaps there could be two software sources, a paid one and an open one? Following the line of some other conversation here, perhaps it would be good to create a unique-named app...
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    Google Chromium Os

    Google Chrome includes Google Gears for offline storage; I believe there may be an add-on for other browsers as well. I believe most (if not all) of Google's apps are designed to take advantage of this so you can queue up and write emails offline, read ones stored locally, check your calendar...
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    Lucky Enough To Get An Email Back

    I'm pretty sure that it comes with a stylus as well, but for those that tend to lose such things it might be good to buy an extra and stash it away somewhere safe! :D
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    Since The Pandora Can Run Quake 3 Quite Well It Seems...

    I thought that the ioquake3 engine was open source, and that Urban Terror uses that?
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    Question On Estimated Ship Date

    QUOTE how long was it going to take to fix the firmware on 8,000 nubs Please don't take this as flaming, but I did find this amusing :). The nubs themselves are just molded pieces of plastic, thankfully. Seriously, though, they definitely have to be done right, so whatever time needed to be...
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    Simple Request

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    Music-making Software (daws, Sequencers, Recorders Etc) For Pandora

    The biggest problem that I can see with the idea of using a currently built tool is the Pandora's screen size. LMMS or Ardour or other similar tools just SCREAM for the highest resolution possible. The real breakthrough would be a GUI that is optimized for the Pandora!
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    You Can See A Pandora Tomorrow At Teesside University

    Chip - I'd definitely be up for a small preview of the Pandora if you could arrange it; I too live in New Jersey (Monmouth County, actually)! Let me know if you need a hand with anything.
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    Release Pxml Fileformat V1.5

    Interesting. I remember reading into the PXML format a long while ago and I kinda forgot about it until now. I know that Skeezix does feel a certain pride in the lib_pnd library for interfacing with PXML files - however, I also know that making the file format 100% XML compatible will make...
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    Newbie Help For Creating First App

    You could give Mono a try - it is an open-source implementation of MS .Net. It includes support for C#,, etc. and many of the foundation libraries, so porting and learning should be a piece of cake. Already many Linux apps are written using Mono. Not sure if there will be an Angstrom...
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    Quad-ren 0.2

    Interesting. I would like to mess around with it as soon as I get the time (weekend!). Thanks, Hess!
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    Pandora Needs To Go X86 (eventually)

    I agree. The cross-platform software library is growing strongly right now, so the momentum is not going to x86 - it merely appears like it is because it is backwards compatible with more existing COTS software products and thus more "mainstream friendly".