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    Beebem For Gp2x 0.6 (bbc Micro Emulator)

    Great machine great emulator, cheers is there any chance of a port to the caanoo though? paul
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    Hey this is great thank you very much :-) Is this the end of dedicated homebrew for the caanoo though now everything or almost everything works from the gp2x and wiz!!! paul3100
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    Somebody Please Do An Amiga Emulator!

    there was a snes emulator ported over from the dingoo to the caanoo last year and the guy who done it said it was fairly easy for him to do so on that thought wouldn't it be fairly easy to port the amiga emulator over from the dingoo? It wouldn't be perfect as the snes emulator wasn't but it...
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    Gmenu2X V0.11 Released

    i like the new look and feel but when adding my emu links it some times freezes and only a reset of the caanoo sorts it! Anyone else had any problems? paul3100
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    works fine for me. try download from file archive again and reinstalling paul3100
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    Caanoo-A7800: Atari 7800 Emulator For Caanoo V1.1.0

    Hey thanks now we have all the old school Atari's emulated :-) NEXT........... Em the atari st, jaguar!?!?! Na but thanks for the emulator and your contributions to the caanoo and dingoo! paul3100
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    Pcsx4All Caanoo Beta Testing Results

    thanks guys got it :D ok on with the testing! paul3100
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    Pcsx4All Caanoo Beta Testing Results

    hey where is the beta for testing anyway? iv a load of ps1 isos and so on and a lot of spare testing time :-) paul3100
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    [Pcsx4All] Looking For Betatesters

    Id love to be a beta tester i have a wide selection of ps1 iso's and actual disks :-) paul3100
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    Need The Caanoo A New Section?

    +1 here :-) paul3100
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    Unreal Speccy Portable

    nice one aion Should the touch controls work? paul3100
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    Caanoo Usb Icon

    lol got it cheers , thanx paul3100
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    Caanoo Usb Icon

    :-) paul3100
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    Caanoo Or Psp At The Moment?

    sell your psp and get a caanoo, there is a load of emulators already out now and sure to be loads more :-) Psp has had its day and with all the messing around you need to do with firmware your better off with a nice touch screen caanoo. paul3100
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    Caanoo-Thom: A To7-70 Emulator For Caanoo V1.1.0

    Hey nice 1 zx-81 paul3100