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    Hello Sony :) I was wondering if you could possibly offer me a spot of advice. I understand...

    Hello Sony :) I was wondering if you could possibly offer me a spot of advice. I understand you are an Australian Pandora user as i am, did you need to pick up any specific adapter for the power brick or will any adapter do? I'm a bit worried as the brick i was using seemed to get a bit hot...
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    Faster delivery/upgrade - Craig's orders

    How did you find that out :P ?
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    How's it going? (2012-03-05)

    May one ask, did any of the units get sent to Craig? EDIT: Ignore that, i'm a little tired.
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    There we go! (2012-02-28)

    Hey ED, if it isn't too much of a bother care to shed some light on when you plan to send Pandoras to Craig? GREAT news by the way :D
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    Just a few days... (2012-02-18)

    I sent it to Craig. Will this change how soon i get one?
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    Just a few days... (2012-02-18)

    Out of curiosity ED i RMA'd my premium Pandora late last year. Any thoughts on when i will be getting it assuming everything goes smoothly on Monday/Tuesday?
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    The grand day is nearing (2011-12-12)

    Holy crap awesome <3
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    Your awesome Pandora moments

    My most awesome moment was playing Medievil for the first time on a portable device. Unfortunately it was one of my only Pandora experiences before i had to send it back to craig :(
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    Screen issue.

    Sweet, got an email back pretty fast. :D
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    Screen issue.

    No other missing screws. Hopefully i'll get an email back in the next couple of day.
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    Screen issue.

    It came like that? Fits the stylus perfectly. I certainly didn't take it apart. EDIT: They're missing them on all four corners, wtf!?
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    Screen issue.

    Thanks :) , luckily i'll have the forum to lean on.
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    Screen issue.

    They always have a large backlog, poor loves :( Thanks for the help ED. I'll email them now.
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    Screen issue.

    So RMA? I got it from Craig's store and i've never RMA'd anything in my life. Do you guy's have a support email of some kind? less than 24 hours man, so sad :( i was having so much fun.
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    Screen issue.

    Hi Guy's After receiving my Pandora yesterday and having a great time with it, i turned it on on the train this morning and was greeted with my screen being all screwed and such. I attached a photo. Can someone tell me where to go from here please :( I'm so sad :(