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    I just realized that a Pandora/pyra costs as much as a decent Linux laptop ( no troll)

    You are missing the point. None of my laptops fit it my pocket nor have a comparable battery life or dual analogue nubs or a joy pad or are a Pandora.
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    Release Stunts Freeware as PND on Repo + TrashyMG Levels

    Thanks for your reply, you didn't miss it at all! I look forward to this becoming available in a way that means everyone is happy Sent from my Nexus 5 using Tapatalk
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    Release Stunts Freeware as PND on Repo + TrashyMG Levels

    this is no longer available in the repo but is still listed in pnd manager and can be searched.  any special reason?  i just saw it and was about to grab  :unsure:
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    Your Favourite Sandwich Filling..?

    How do you make home-made donner meat, i must know?
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    [solved] Need help starting WiFi after standby or suspend

    Re-install the update from a file. IIRC there is a note which says you need to run the upgrade twice due to just this happening. Same happened to me but I just read and followed the instructions
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    SuperZaxxon v1.55 released!

    Mine is always out after coming out of "standby" (lid closed) while charging
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    Xbox 360 Controller won't light up

    Ive had all my xbox controllers open to replace variius buttons and the like. ebay has plenty of auctions for xbox controller bits and the torx driver. however if its broken on delivery then its back to the seller
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    WiFi mysteries resolved once and for all — Power saving is clearly the culprit!

    any chance of a name for this awesome app?
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    A further update on preorders (18th of November 2012)

    I find that somewhat hard to believe (not you ED, the numbers given to you). Mind you given my interactions with the whole entity of open pandora ltd i shouldnt be suprised.
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    Konix emulator released!!!

    i remember being so excited about the Konix Multisystem back in the day, shame it never occured. while i doubt it would have been a success due to the eventual price it would still have been nice to see. I'd also add here that Konix made THE best joystick of the 8bit era.
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    DragonBox OpenSource Coding Competition - Rules (DRAFT!)

    is custom cases something you might think about longer term?
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    QNap / NAS

    I have an older qnap model 209pro II and its grand. Its a bit noisy but i understand that is now solved. However i woild say done expect silent operation fro something with disks potentially spinning all the time. I use mine to serve up videos and music via twonky, grab from usenet with...
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    More Pandora 2 crap (MicroSD Split)

    i am thoroughly enjoy reading all of this, i do have a point to make myself. On several occasions Craig has said that the basis for the P2 is to be the ICP2. We know the issues we had with the manufacture of the cases and their durability previously. the ICP2 would be a great testing ground...
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    Another Bluetooth Gamepad with Keyboard - It's got a frickin Laser on it's head!

    that looks like a dualshock impregnated a 360 joypad with a keyboard/chat plugin on it...
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    MK808 - Android 4.1 Dual Core Stick Mini PC (UG802 Killer??)

    Ive read the mk808 is a rebadged gv20