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    Play Expo

    Will be good to see everyone again
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    Play Expo

    I'll be there for sure. Can't believe it's been 3 years since I went to the last one in when it was in Blackpool. Should be Saturday ill be going.
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    Release Kodi (a.k.a XBMC)

    Sorry to bump this thread. I downloaded this and all i can say is thank you for making this port! Hi to everyone also, i'ts been a while since i've said hello or even showed my face! That said, i finally went ahead and ordered the TV out cable today from dragonbox which was a long time coming...
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    Release LibreOffice for Pandora

    going to download now :)
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    Do you find my signature offensive?

    i think its funny and random if anything. Voted No
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    Just got my Pandora

    Getting a pandora is a good feeling :D Sometimes the nubs go off and you need to re calibrate them in the settings. Goto [Pandora] > [settings] > [Pandora Nub configurator], but as TrashyMG Said, the left and right nubs can slightly vary, but its hardly noticeable at all Try hitting 'Reset...
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    Original donation - contribution list

    I have been away from the boards for so long, it was more out of curiosity. Its good to be back though :)  
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    {SOLD} 1GHz Unit for sale. Light Use. Great shape.

    love the box :D good luck with the sale :)
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    Original donation - contribution list

    I remember ages ago on the first original pre-orders, people were able to contribute into the dev fund. A list was going to be put together, did this ever happen? I see some people have 'supporter' under their avatar and wandered if i needed to contact a mod to get this to come up?
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    TV out cable - diy guru needed

    cheers, done Cheers for the suggestion. I've messaged him so hopefully i'll have some good news :)
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    TV out cable - diy guru needed

    Thanks stardoid, but if you read my original post you would see that i'm happy to commission for someone to do this. I don't have very steady hands and struggle with my eye sight, so i would not be very good
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    TV out cable - diy guru needed

    Hi guys, i know a while back a few peeps were making custom tv out cables. I know its farily easy to make with the right connector, but i am hopeless at diy and would rather pay someone to make me one. I live in Manchester (UK) Can anyone help or point me in the right direction :D maddis...
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    Been away for 2 years

    Ok cheers guys. Im going to just pay someone to do it i think. @kuru, do you still have any connectors? what would you charge if you would do one for me? I live in England, UK Im also thinking there is something wrong with my wifi. it never ever seems to connect. I am aware i am outside of my...
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    Been away for 2 years

    Hi guys, thought i'd post in here. was an original batch 1 customer. got my pandira aobut 19 months ago, but never received my tv out cable. who am i best contacting? its been that long i could do with a point in the right direction :)
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    Pandora at Replay 2011 - Retro Gaming Expo - Let's meet up

    It was great meeting everyone too. Had a good chat with dave1234 and milkshake. Its good to put some faces to the avatars. Thanks evil dragon too for fixing my pandora. Its working like a charm now. Sorry I couldn't make it to the after party. Had a friend visiting and had to get back home...