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    Wanted: Gameboy Micro + Suitable Flash Cart

    Did have a look at those but its too much really, i already have a ds lite so this would just be used for bashing around in a coat pocket or something
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    Ps2, Xbox & Gc Wireless Controllers?

    Nintendo do their own official wireless pads, the wavebird. theyre absolutely superb, I use one with my wii and it really is first class. Reported to have 100 hours of battery life from a single pair of AA's
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    Wanted: Gameboy Micro + Suitable Flash Cart

    Anyone got one of these? Not too fussy about general condition but would prefer a scratch-free screen
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    Neo Geo Pocket (ngpc) Stuff

    Im after some neo geo pocket stuff, prefferably as cheap as possible as im skint skint skint. Especially looking for english language versions of crush roller and metal slug 2nd mission WITHOUT boxes. Everything else i'd prefer it with boxes, looking for games mostly but wouldnt mind an...
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    Reading Is Fun.

    white teeth by zadi smith, the road by cormac mcarthy microsurfs by douglas coupland the hobbit by guess who? the wind up bird chronicle by harukia murakami porno by irvine welsh all good for different reasons
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    Wii Mod Situation?

    thanks for all the replies, looks like a wiikey is the way to go. Few questions if people dont mind obliging: Does it work with SMG and SS:BB? What sort of discs do you have to use? Is the wii fussy? Anyone recommend a wiikey installer? Im in the midlands
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    Zodaic 1 Uk For Sale Or Trade

    no longer available
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    Wii Mod Situation?

    Im looking at modding my wii, but cant seem to find out much in the way of info. The scene seems to be much smaller and more fragmented than the 360 mod scene. It all seems very confusing, with different chips, most of which seems to need to be unsoldered then connected to a pc to be updated...
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    Region Free 360

    gaylo is always good
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    Bad Loooosers

    ive just thrown up all over myself. tim0391 PM me your address so I can forward the dry cleaning bill
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    Bad Loooosers

    serves you right for playing fifa
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    Region Free 360

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    Wtb: Tapwave Zodiac

    i have a zodiac and thought the snes emulation was excellent, i didnt need frameskip (without sound) andthe stick never really bothered me... same goes for MD if the stick really annoyed people, there was an option to use the buttons as a dpad and the stick as buttons
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    Happy Christmas

    merry consumermas
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    well with the sad sad demise of oink it appears these two are the most likely replacements. I loved oink, laregley because I knew a torrent from there would be of top quality, and also due to the masses of stuff I couldnt pink up elsewhere (rare stuff, live stuff etc). The request/notification...