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    Hey everyone.. I'm still alive

    N-nn-nothing. I'm sorry if that was way uncalled for. *blushes profusely and backs off*
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    Hey everyone.. I'm still alive

    For some reason I can't help but read that as erotic as hell. Wow. Um. Rad. <3 Hi.
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    Hey everyone.. I'm still alive

    Wait, does that mean you hate me now Mummy? :sadface: 
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    Hey everyone.. I'm still alive A pentacle backed by the tree of life :3
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    Hey everyone.. I'm still alive

    Haha! Nope! I actually know exactly who that is, and they aren't me. :P
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    Hey everyone.. I'm still alive

    Hey! Not sure if any of you remember me, and most of you that will see this are newer here. My name is Shay, *shock* if not. I used to go by Levi and haven't really used the Pandoras' I have much lately. I've always had you guys in the back of my mind though and its good to see the Pandora crew...
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    USB Host - Failing

    I have issues with my 1ghz's USB port I haven't been able to fix yet. See: I'll have to send mine in for that at some point, not too sure about yours though.. =/
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    Screen turning pink - What to do ?

    add me to the 1 ghz damaged cable list, then. =/
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    USB NIC on 1Ghz Unit

    Okay thats fine, and thank you! However I have JUST now discovered a problem with my 1Ghz unit today. If I move the screen in a closing motion the backlight cuts out, and also cuts out when open at a certain angle or less. Seems to adjust fine using FN combo but when moving the lid the light...
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    USB NIC on 1Ghz Unit

    Sweet! Will be waiting till this Thursday to purchase the 1ghz new unit, once that has arrived here I will return the previous one ( no battery, saves on weight and isn't needed since I have three already. I'll make sure to mention I just need the unit itself, battery door, stylus, but no...
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    USB NIC on 1Ghz Unit

    Seeing this thread: http://boards.openpa...01/#entry189142 Would you still be willing to accept back my current 1Ghz unit if I were to return it? ( Without the battery ) If you can spare another 1Ghz unit straight away? I've held off on returning my unit with the USB issue above for reasons of...
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    Does anyone actually use Bluetooth with their phones?

    Nicest, most clear concise and sensible bot I've ever seen. I use bluetooth on my cellphone as a preferred method of talking. I can't use most mono earpieces as they fall out or don't fit comfortably. Have found these...
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    Black Mesa Source (finally!) launching this month

    Been seeding that torrent since I got my hands on it. =) Great game to play. Loving it so far, though it has plenty of jumping moments that should never exist. Who decided "Crouch Jumping" to be a good idea?? Edit: Ratio is 5.793 currently.
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    [Mostly SOLVED] - Installation of XMMS and Bluetooth settings?

    @Wally: Nah. Using headphones has been the only issue I'm aware of. I thought there was a config utility for PS3/Wiimotes and such as a PND in the repo. You shouldn't have to play with alsa ( the sound driver ) for using a gamepad =P
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    RDP on Pandora

    Rdesktop also works fine ( if not installed to NAND, install it. ) I often pipe over SSH to encrypt my connection over putty.. Or the PND works too. Whatever you prefer