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    Pandora Box

    I've been a long-time supporter of the cube idea. The actual guts of the system could stay the same as Pandora, although HDMI and a few more USB ports would be ace. I keep imagining a retro gaming/media centre, with a really slick OS, reminiscent of my old modded xbox, with XBMC loaded up. :)...
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    Amiga Emulation?

    There's an amiga emulator already available on the Pandora Appstore, however if memory serves it was a quick port that runs quite nicely. Have a quick search around the forum and you should be able to pull it up. Like most other projects for Pandora, this is likely to change, for the better...
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    Icp Assembly

    ICP = Insane Clown Posse. Whether or not they will be compatible with the Pandora remains to be seen.
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    Today Is A Great Day!(Hopefully)

    Personally, I don't care how long it takes, as long as I know there's some progress being made. It'll be done when it's done. Whining and bitching won't get anything done any faster, and the longer we have to wait for assembly, the longer the devs have to iron out the software issues like...
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    Amiga Fans?how Many People Own Amiga.pandora Emulation Will Be Cool.

    I got an A600 for my birthday, bundled with Putty, Pushover, Microprose Grand Prix.... And my parents also brought me Street fighter 2, which I'd never seen before. When it's disk drive finally gave up I was all kinds of distraught! Bought another one of ebay a couple of years ago :) I think...
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    No Silkscreen Possibly?

    I understand how a lot of people feel, I've lurked in the shadows, watched the whole pandora movement, from the concept renders to the banking crisis to the state we're in today. I'm fully aware of how long its taken us to get here, and am briefly aware of the "issues" that have affected OP...
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    The Pandora Port Request Thread

    I'm sure zodttd's PSX emulator will run Abe in some capacity or another on launch. Most probably fullspeed in the near future. No source code to my knowledge, so yeah, emulation is the way to go. As long as you own the original disks :) edit: dang, ninja'd :)
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    New Blog Post

    Thanks ED for the update, always nice to know how things are going! Personally I'm not TOO bothered about Wi-Fi working on day one, I can just download the apps I want from my home pc and stick them on an SD card, no great loss, as long as they fix it eventually. +1 for silkscreening though...
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    Pangea - New Design, Codename Pinjala

    Hi, just want to say that this looks awesome. Sounds like I'll be able to snap to what I want with the minimum of effort! Keep up the good work efegea!
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    Edge Magazine's 100 Best Games To Play Today

    I was annoyed so I started listing games that should have made it. But the list got so long i decided to go with just this: "100 games that still stand up today" Gears of War 2: 58th Call Of Duty IV: 18th Mario 64, from years ago: 1st Wait, what?
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    Here Is What Will Be Happening.

    I think we need to get faith and friend asking the right questions with this factory in China, and if the answers are what we want to hear (basically what jumpman suspects in the post above), push on with MP. If, however, the answers are not what we're expecting, and more revisions are needed...
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    The Therapist's Office

    My esteemed colleague, Dr G, I'd like to offer a second opinion if I may, regarding the above case of gp32rich. I put it to yourself and this fine community, that since the patient has never cast eyes on the front of a pandora, he can't very well do anything behind it's back! I propose...
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    The Pandora Experience

    Multiplayer over Wi-Fi does sound awesome, but enjoying with friends from the comfort of a sofa is even better!! Me: Take a look at this! Friend: Is that.... an Amiga?! Are you playing cannon fodder?! This is AWESOME! Remember the second one? We stayed up playing it until 4am, and your mum...
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    Pandora's Design

    Bioshock/Caesar's Palace Pandora looks amazing, I'll agree. But like I said before, everything comes in black/white/silver. Apart from custom paint jobs I think we're dreaming. I liked eolair's curved edge design. It transforms the console's look completely. If it's possible, I beg it's...