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    Where Is My £200 Handheld?

    No don't do that! It'll arrive, We'll all be getting hysterical, It'll be a bundle of laughs, Plus! We need our beloved JavaJake :)
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    What's Your Level Of P&|a Commitment

    All In! belly first
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    Multiventure (rpg Project) - Discussion Topic

    This looks absolutely superb, Reminds me of FFVII... Have you ever thought about releasing you game in chapters, each containing an hour of of gameplay or something? Btw, I'd pay a good amount to play anything that looks like that.
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    The Pandora can not run Windows (or WINE)

    I can see the value of this thread as all the question thread are very annoying. I would change the wording of this part. You're not modifying or changing the application. Instead, Recompiling might be a better term to use. but, good thread! :)
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    Reality Check - Shipping Date

    I'm going away in a week, I thought I'd definitely have it by now. I don't care, I am over it. Will just have to take my mp3 player and make do. I would like a shipping date though, Not an exact one. Late July for example would be fine. We can argue until the sun the goes down about whether or...
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    3D MMO on Pandora.

    Well i'm behind you 100%.
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    Release supertux2

    It is possible that a future build will support OpenGL? Also, Do we have a single location with details of all games available, being ported, or port progress? There have been quite a few that appear really but I won't know where to find them unless i randomly come across the game on the forum...
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    Release supertux2

    That's awesome news Pickle, cheers for the announcement
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    "Exciting news"

    Everyone is fed up of waiting, including OP team. This thread is pointless and has drifted way off topic several times. People are just regurgitating things others have previously said.
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    3D MMO on Pandora.

    doesn't this sort of thing take a couple of years? It's amazing how some people can single handedly do all of this.
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    Do you play games on systems that were 'before your time'?

    Consoles before the PS1 had a much longer shelf life than the consoles we have today, The focus was more on gameplay too so i guess that helpe makes them timeless. I was born in 1986, as a young child I played my brothers spectrum, then he got an amiga, I would read the mags (amiga format)...
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    Pandora vs Nokia N810

    It really does have a spec.
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    Pandora vs Nokia N810

    Bugs fixes that add stability then cool. Software patches we'll all be able to take advantage of. However, If the performance increases I think that's a bad idea, not for a long while anyway, It would split the community and development. for example, a dreamcast emulator might only be possible...
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    Release Pandora Case: final prototype

    I cannot believe how many people are commenting on the lack of colour. this is clear to make sure everything inside fits properly, and I imagine this will also show areas of stress - when you bend clear pastic it leaves white stretch marks. the FINAL pandora is the dark grey/black colour...
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    Release New Pangea video

    this looks awesome.