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    Neo Geo X

    I agree that the neo geo x looks like some great hardware.  It's nice that Tommo didn't seem to try to do anything fancy to try to stop hacking and from the looks of the open hardware almost invited it.  The software is a bit lacking the but the community should be able to patch it up or at...
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    After All This Time...

    I still love my gp2x f200.  I had an f100 too but gave it away after getting the f200.  The stick on the f100 was just too unreliable even with the different cap plus the f200 had the bonus of touch screen controls.  There was a lot of great homebrew and it's really impressive just how good the...
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    Another Pandora Ripoff? [Pandora Vs Atari Portfolio]

    While for home systems like say a vectrex its much better to have the real thing over an emu I'd agree that the old handheld are actually improved by playing on emulators since the hardware often had many faults especially battery life and size. There were some great games on the old handhelds...
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    Noiz2Sa For Caanoo

    Rrootage was on wiz so should be able to be brought to caanoo as well. Others are open source but I think are trickier to port.
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    Mister Hachi

    The game is cool but diagonals didn't seem to work on my f200. Still, thanks to both the original author and person who packaged it as I love shmups and always welcome more of them.
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    Still Own A Gpx2 F200 And Happy

    I thought the wiz/caanoo would be faster than gp2x. I mean wiz has recently been able to do psx emulation playable while gp2x has only really had it functional but not playable.
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    Anyone Else Thing The Boxee Box Remote Is Cool?

    I like boxee but I wasn't into xbmc before boxee so I could see how users of that wouldn't be impressed. I think boxee has more official partnerships with sites and has social media functions. I've wanted a box that could run everything on my pc and online sources but didn't want to use a...
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    Serious Slowdown While Using The Touch?

    I don't have a caanoo but sounds like the same problem my smartq v5 had on an earlier version of its android firmware. That got fixed in the next version so hopefully this will get fixed. I don't know how bugs like that get through. I know they are small companies but still...
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    I Am On The Bleeding Edge Of Decisions

    @Peter R Yeah, the recent wiz psx emulator looked to run quite well from videos I've seen of it. rsuryase is completely wrong and might be basing what he said over an earlier wiz emulator. Don't think it would take all that much to port over to caanoo. @Shmargin My surprised reaction to ipod...
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    Caanoo, Noticeably Brighter On The Lower Part Of The Screen

    I hadn't heard about this problem before. Seems GPH always mess up some part of the the hardware. First they cut off some pixels now this. Could be worse though.
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    Still Own A Gpx2 F200 And Happy

    I've been in the same position for a while too. However, I do think the wiz/caanoo would be better for gba and snes. I know both have trouble with some games on the gp2x. Metroid on gp2x I know can't be played well with all graphics enabled and without frameskip messing things up. I know...
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    I Am On The Bleeding Edge Of Decisions

    Still doesn't seem impressive for someone looking for a real game console. Ipods that can run apps have been around a while and are still a joke to anyone serious about homebrew handhelds. I don't see how anyone could seriously be considering systems like pandora and caanoo then all the sudden...
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    I Am On The Bleeding Edge Of Decisions

    Did the OP seriously say he wants an ipod instead of any of the systems we were just discussing? I'm hoping that was a joke.
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    I Am On The Bleeding Edge Of Decisions

    I don't think the odroid has really caught on much. Specs are good but its trying to turn a phone operating system into a traditional gaming one. Most games are developed with phones lack of buttons in mind. A lot of people have seemed interested in these kinds of things but I don't see any...
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    Pc Manager Is Fixed! :d

    It was pretty obvious they would have problems with this. They often have problems with their software and adding DRM into the mix just adds to the things that can go wrong. Hopefully they get these issues sorted soon since they actually do have some pretty decent looking games on there.