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    Games Fs/ft

    Just a small update. Pikmin 2 has been sold and Animal Crossing Wii is being held onto for a little longer. Some of the prices have been lowered and they'll be available for a couple more days. Any interest, please feel free to leave a message and I'll get back to it.
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    Games Fs/ft

    Have a few things I want to sell (or trade if the offer is good enough). List is as follows: Banjo Kazooie: Nuts and Bolts (£20) Pikmin 2 (£25?) *SOLD* Animal Crossing Wild World - US version (£15) Metroid Prime Hunters - US version, shiny box (£10) Ridge Racer DS - US version (£8) Yoshi's...
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    Xmas Gaming Rush 2008

    Ok, so the next few weeks are packed with great games coming out in the run up to Xmas. And this year seems to have more than normally. So what games are and aren't you all looking forward in the run up to Xmas? This can include games that have come out in the previous few weeks but won't get...
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    Is The Sony Playstation Portable Dying?

    I don't see it as either. I look at it in the same way in the DS in that Nintendo had abandoned it for awhile, with no decent title apart from all these cooking/learning 'games'. Yet with the advent of the DSi, they've started up again. The PSP is in the same boat really. At the moment, in...
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    Dr Pepper Anyone?

    ^ you can buy it on the continent that's for sure. My bro was able to get it in Portugal. You can't get it in the US though because Barr use a secret ingredient which they can say and therefore violates regulations in the US. And it's not bad. Cream soda is pretty god damn awful.
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    Dr Pepper Anyone?

    lol. Was wondering whether they would fill out their promise. Sucks it's only America though. I wanted me a free can of Dr. Pepper.
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    lol. best bit was the degrees on the wall (or absence of them). "Learnin's hard"
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    The Very Original Current Listening Thread!!

    Cauterize - Choke
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    Can Teachers Swear At Students?

    All of my teachers from high school onwards swore at pupils or just generally. Hell, I've sworn at teachers and gotten away with it. For example, my physics class was having a mess around day and the teacher asked for a 6 letter word that described him. So I said the first word that came to...
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    Call Of Duty 5 Beta Code

    It's a sad state of affairs when people start selling codes for Betas for money when they are given for free. Anyone who wants one can still get them without having to pay for them. It's kinda greedy selling it for money don't you think? I got my code for it but because my 360 is out for repairs...
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    U. S. 2008 Election Thread

    I love this idea that people have of McCain being a war hero. No soldier that ventured into Vietnam for that war can be considered a war hero. You can commend him for his courage for managing to stick it out through the torture and stuff but that is not a war hero. A war hero, in my eyes, would...
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    The Very Original Current Listening Thread!!

    Blind Melon - No Rain
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    Whats The Weather Like Where You're From?

    It was freezing cold this morning when I went out to Uni. Was sunny when I was at lectures at Uni and then rained when I had finished and was coming home. Typical Scottish weather <_<
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    The Very Original Current Listening Thread!!

    ^ Good song but not as good as Last Summer. Anyone who argues is a liar. :P Anyways, I've been listening to: Into Dust - Mazzy Star Worn Me Down - Rachael Yamagata
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    U. S. 2008 Election Thread

    @ Blah - Palin may only be running for Vice President but I can guaran-damn-tee that at the first sign of weakness from McCain (if he were to get elected) she'd try and mussle her way into power. You can tell she'd rather be running for President. She's McCain's biggest problem besides his...