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    Usb Problem For Gp32. Any Advice?

    I sent you a PM
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    Usb Problem For Gp32. Any Advice?

    is there anyone out there I could sen my smc to so it could freelauncher could be installed and encrypted to it. It would be greatly appreciated. the pc link is just not happening.
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    Usb Problem For Gp32. Any Advice?

    windows 98 didn't work me does not detect the device. is there specific way i'm supposed to install the drivers? in device manager, it says GamePark GP32 USB under Universal Serial Bus Controller but PC link does not detect it. I'm at my wit's end with this thing. clearly there is a...
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    Usb Problem For Gp32. Any Advice?

    I have a computer lyin around that I'm installing windows 98 on. I really hope this works.
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    Usb Problem For Gp32. Any Advice?

    Okay. I recently purchased a gp32 system from a ebay. it did not have a usb cable. I purchased an adaptor as recommended in this forum. I am unable to install the drivers on my computer required to use the PC link program and install the free launcher. I have the original korean firmware. The...
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    Got A Gp32, No Usb Cable

    thank you very much
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    Got A Gp32, No Usb Cable

    I am unable to find a usb cable available for purchase on the internet. it seems that without the cable, I am unable to make it so my gp32 runs homebrew. is there any other way? I would appreciate any help. I found the cracked gp free launcher but the usb cable is required. is there any workaround?
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    Got A Gp32, No Usb Cable

    apparently it has the original korean firmware and it seems i need the cable to install the freelauncher and there is no way of getting around needing the usb cable. Is there anywhere that still sells this cable or there anyone who is willing to sell me theirs or perhaps just borrow it long...
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    Got A Gp32, No Usb Cable

    I have just bought a gp32 from ebay but it came with no usb cable and I cannot find the one I had from previous gp32. is there an alternative way to install the free launcher or an alternative way to run the emulators with out the cables? Thank you
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    Voltage Question

    what's the highest voltage the gp2x can handle? I don't mean the for the adapter but for a battery.
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    Possible Battery Modification Question

    I've been pondering about this one for a while. I am interested in having my gp2x running off this battery pack, . My question is, how can connect this and make it easily removable for the purpose of recharging...
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    Run Gp2X Off 4 Aa Batteries

    I'm thinking of purchasing a 4 AA battery holder, cutting a hole in the back to make room for it and have it run off of that. The batteries will run vertically along the back. Is this as easy as I think it is? As far as wiring goes, this is pretty basic right? Should I be going about this a...
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    Rpg Recomendations

    could anyone recomend some real-time combat rpgs for snes? thanks
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    Rf Link

    which, if any, emulators support the rf link.
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    Broken Gp

    wher can i send my gp32_console to get fixed. I accidently set voltage to high on ac adaptor and it ruined it.