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    Dragon*Con is great- nerdy yes, but also great. The con spans over three large hotels with tons things always going on that are sure to please any flavor of dork out there. I mean in a single day I attended an EFF ( lecture on why the US’s plans for Internet Sales tax would...
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    I ran into a couple of GP2X users at Dragon*Con ( over the weekend, although I can’t remember anybodies names… So who was there?
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    Designing The Gp2x's Successor - Hardware Selection Poll

    Back when the thing was first announched it was planned to cost "less than $500",1558...2129TX1K0000532 I figured with the changes I'm listing it would cost around $400. The "core" of what I want is something based on VIA Eden-N...
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    Designing The Gp2x's Successor - Hardware Selection Poll

    I couple years back I got all excited from a couple of press releases from VIA Technologies as I was certain that they were about to build the greatest handheld gaming device ever. A couple years later it’s nothing more then another piece of vaporware, but I think the concept of this system is...
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    Gp2x Vs Psp Vs Nds

    I just wish it had a built-in powered USB host port that you could stick a wifi dongle in-- Would it have been that hard to make this: standard?
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    Garou Motw In Gngeo2x

    I've never been able to get the non-prototype version of Garou working in GnGeo2x - if somebody does know how to do this I would very intrested.
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    Cyclone Core Updated Again

    Gngeo uses cyclone - so hopefully this will grab a few more frames there.
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    Worth Getting

    full speed psx w/sound isn't happening anytime soon, if ever.
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    Yet Another Thumbstick Replacement Idea

    Use Google to search the forums.
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    D-pad Replacement Units, Some Suggestions?

    Sticking with the QD pad seems very reasonable to me. If the supply dries up, then we can start to worry about finding an alternative part.
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    Closer To The Final Replacement Of Stick

    Where have I heard that idea before.... damn.. I knew I should have gotten a patent on that one... :P
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    Closer To The Final Replacement Of Stick

    @Radek: Mod looks great and about as easy as it can get. A replacement case with the hole already cut in it would be ideal, but I understand how getting your hands on those might be a considerable undertaking. Have you tried contacting GPH to see if they’re willing to sell you the part...
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    Gp2x Emulation Status

    I think I'll go change that... Takes a look at the history page: 2:33, 3 June 2006 Catron (PSP added) I don't know what Catron is smoking...
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    Gngeo2x 0.6.12

    In the mean time, I came up with this (a guess based on how roms similar to garou look in the romrc file) #mame set of garou game garou MVS "Garou - Mark of the Wolves (set 1)" CPU 0x500000 253-ep1.p1 0x0 0x80000 NORM 253-ep2.p2 0x80000 0x80000 NORM 253-ep3.p3 0x100000 0x80000 NORM 253-ep4.p4...
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    Gngeo2x 0.6.12

    I actually already found that same piece of code somewhere else but immediately noticed: * This piece of code is weird, but it seems to work. * Crypted ROMs are not supported ATM. Since Garou is encrypted - that's a problem :( Granted I could use Kawaks to generate non-encrypted C's but that...