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    Main Website And Forums Down

    Hi! I haven't checked the forums in the last couple of days, did it just happen or was it down yesterday?
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    Congratulations, skeezix!

    awesome, congrats :)
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    Anyone up for an internet scavenger hunt?

    naw not the real game just looking for a specific "clone" of it ;)
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    Anyone up for an internet scavenger hunt?

    Hi all I got something for all those that are bored to do. Anyone up for trying to preserve obscure programs? I would like for you guys to try and track down and find a copy of a program that is a somewhat of a parody though completely playable. It was released in ~2006 under the name of...
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    who has a gnuboy pnd that dosnt have scaling issues?

    got this from yoshis emulator pack it works :)
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    Granola: Free, light, unobtrusive power-saving software for Windows and Linux

    erm, i think it is a cool idea, though since i installed it my computer has crashed around 2-3x and the weird thing was I think it was in hibernation mode :\ running windows 7 professional 64 bit.
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    LCD cable problem?

    alrighty thanks
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    LCD cable problem?

    Recently Ive been having some screen display problems and was wondering if it was the old lcd cables that are causing the trouble. I got my pandora ~March. Near the end of the video the screen becomes all funky green/white though what is weird is that I heard that the old lcd cables cause a...
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    What are you playing this weekend/these days?

    this weekend I'm thinking of playing Rhythm Tengoku or Super Robot Taisen for the GBA.
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    Release GPSP For Pandora... From Notaz!

    thank you very much notaz & exophase! fullscreen is awesome :)
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    Nintendo 3DS

    they've been doing that a lot lately :\ it might come in a year or two like it did for ssfAE for the pc when they said they never were going to do it because of piracy but just this July they did.
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    Post your random pandora questions here!!

    <.< >.> I think that eight ball is pessimistic
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    F-zero dilemna

    wow, will try, thanks for the advice :)
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    F-zero dilemna

    Recently ive been playing alot of fzero for the snes and started to do the queens league. Took some time to pass the courses but then.... white wonderland 2 appears. Mind you, I've been playing as the pink car so it has some difficulties accelerating but has good traction. The hard part is that...