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    [SOLVED]My Pandora Dream Has Come To An End...

    Have you mentioned it's been missing in the office (sorry haven't read all the posts in this thread?) I'd send an email around or something. Saying something along the lines if it isn't returned by sunset blah blah blah then the situation is going to get escalated to defcon 1... fack em up...
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    Play Sd Card

    I've got that card and while it is fast I wouldn't say it compares to anything like the SanDisk Extreme or Ultra ones. Once you start filling the thing up it becomes slow! Nice for the storage but don't expect super speeds from it. Saying that though I'm using it in my digital camera but you do...
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    Ommpc2x V0.3.3

    Thankk you! Will try this out when I get back to work as I've left my GP2X in the office!
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    When Is The Pandora In The Shops! I Need One

    Ditto! hahaha!
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    What Will You Do With Your Zodiac When

    I don't even own a Zodiac. I know you don't care but I just thought I'd share that for the sake of sharing things ya know! ... anyways...
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    Name And Shame

    PoisonedV seems like a c*nt.
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    Ommpc2x V0.3.0

    I've managed to connect my external fat32 drive to my gp2x via the BoB I've edited the scripts so it points to /mnt/ext/sda/music/ but whenever I try and run ommpc2x it says no playlists found and just completely locks up! what's up with that? I'm trying to access 60gb's worth of music btw...
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    Wifi With Wep

    Hmm this is weird if I try to setup the same thing at work it doesn't work I get an argument saying invalid argument Set Encode then it lists the WEP key I put in... what gives? EDIT: Hmm appears the office key is 128bit where's my one is 64bit ... I have no idea if theres a switch to go...
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    Ommpc2x V0.3.0

    The stream I'm trying to connect to is: It'd be great to get these supported natively or even an ADD URL function like how some of the MPD Clients have so that way I don't have to turn on my pc to connect to these internet radio stations...
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    Ommpc2x V0.3.0

    I also wanted to ask can ommpc2x natively play streaming .pls and .m3u files because I can send can it play them via MPD Minion on my PC but when I do ommpc2x closes and goes to the menu. Is there a way for it to just work like me chosing a playlist item?
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    Wifi With Wep

    Ah cool! I'm using the wifi tools from the Wiki that bobby martin posted its rausb0. If you could post your start_wireless.gpu I'd appreciate it... (blanking out all the sensitive key stuff of course) that way I can see what's stopping mine from connecting properly! Cheers. EDIT: I got it to...
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    Gp2x > Ipod?

    gp2x + ommpc2x + big SD card = great mp3 player Well it suits my needs :)
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    Wifi With Wep

    Seriously, no ones actually done this?? :(
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    Wifi With Wep

    Hey all, I'm trying to get my GP2X connected to my network with the Nintendo/Buffalo Wifi stick I've followed the tutorials on the wiki but theres no proper mention of how to add your WEP key in the script. I was wondering if anyone else has managed to connect their GP2X with WEP if so please...
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    Littlegptracker 1.0

    How often do you guys do sets in London?? I'm out tomorrow night and I work around shoreditch area so I might be able to catch this!!