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    GP2X Advanced Optimization Via Profiling With Gcc4

    As Notaz posted, the Open2x toolchain: Note the section for Windows users too. Good luck!
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    Embedded Systems Show 08 1st-2nd October

    Shame - oh well, it's more trade than consumer, so maybe it's not where you're at anyway. Bet you could have sold a bunch of Pandoras if you had them, though ;)
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    Embedded Systems Show 08 1st-2nd October

    Hi, Just wondered if anyone else was going to the ESS next week. I'm doing Wednesday. Should be quite entertaining - there's a beagleboard hands-on class, and other fun.
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    Beebem For Gp2x 0.6 (bbc Micro Emulator)

    Nice one, Mr. Bunn. Looking very good now. Of course it will get ported. There are no barriers at all to that beyond the hardware not being available yet. Fru - are you going to get one? I have been playing with the beagleboard iin order to quell my impatience :)
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    After The 3000 First Batch

    Yes - damn you and your knowledge and practical experience.
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    Uae4all Feature Requests

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    Pandora Competitors

    Unless there's been an update since the one included in my JXD-301 firmware, it's basically a shit port of VBA, and I'm sure you know what that's like.
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    New Post In Blog!

    Pretty - I want one. Who do I have to sleep with pay? Hope the plastics make it hard to accidentally knock the volume wheel - it's rather near the corner.
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    Headphone Port Combination

    That makes perfect sense to me too. I beg you not to squirrel the audio connector away at the back, and at the side wouild be a nuisance when holding it in a gaming position. It sounds quite optimistic aiming for an April release with these issues still to iron out... hope your hardware...
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    Pandora's Rival: The Gizmondo

    Agreed. That doesn't help at all with a homebrew community, I fear. QUOTE were not all coders, i'm not i don't claim to be. does that mean i shouldnt post here? No, and most people on this forum aren't coders either. They are often, however, either retro gaming enthusiasts or people...
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    Pandora's Rival: The Gizmondo

    I disagree. It's easy enough to develop for the Gizmondo, it's just that most of the people on the Gizmondoforums site couldn't write "Hello World" in BASIC if their pocket money depended on it. Using the GPS and bluetooth features is straightforward. There's a good SDL port, there's OpenGL...
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    Uae4all Amiga Emulator Port To Gp2x

    noldor73 is working on it, adding some things that people have asked for in the past. I don't have any time to do anything with it any more, and don't have a touchscreen anyway. It's great that you enjoy using it - Chui and the uae crowd are the ones that put the real work in, so we owe them...
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    Uae4all Amiga Emulator Port To Gp2x

    There has been mouse emulation for some time. There is no touchscreen support, however - the mouse pointer is moved around using the joystick.