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    Pix Bros Demo For Gp32

    Cool ! Looks a bit like bubble bobble
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    Gpengine Lost Archives!

    Can't figure out how save games work. I guess that's still beta
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    Gp32 Gpengine V0.5

    It would be so cool if version 0.5 would finally be realeased for the gp32! Then we could use savegames! gp32_console gp32_console gp32_console gp32_console gp32_console gp32_console
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    Your Idiotic Deed For Today

    About 7 years ago i was riding my motorcycle and when i drove around a roundabout too fast the bike's rear wheel slided away. In a flash i jumped/highsided of the bike. I landed on my feet and thought i was safe/lucky. But the bike highsided too and crashed on my foot. :blink: :blink: :blink:
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    Should I Get A Gp32? - How Good Are These Emus?

    Link doesn't work.
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    Pc To Tv S Video

    The best way to play video on a tv is by using a svhs cable (exept if you have vga in on an new tv) Most classic tv's have a resoluion of ~640x480 (or 720 for wide-screen.) But i found that using 800x600 output gives better results on normal tv's (you get sort of an antialias effect.) Hi-def...
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    Problems With My Gp32

    The gp32 should appear as an usb drive after you insert the cable and AFTER booting phodrive, ,at least on windows XP!! (98 reqs drivers) Then you should see a GAME, GPETC, GPMM, GPSYS and MP3 folder on it. If not all, make them. Then just copy any gp32 'exe" file to the gpmm folder If this...
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    Should I Get A Gp32? - How Good Are These Emus?

    Yeah the batterylife is great. I once tried DRSMS at 33 mhz 25fps. And i got 10 hours continuous out of it. (runing a rom in attract mode with 3000mah batts)
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    Problems With My Gp32

    Only use the original transfer program to put phodrive on your smc. From that moment on, run phodrive, insert your usb cable, and PRESTO! You have a usbstick like gp32
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    Wasn't it shrieking or something
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    Buying An Amiga Soon

    Found the @df!
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    Buying An Amiga Soon

    Yeah if you find an .@df please pm me because i only have it on real floppy. As for the blueprint game: can't remember that one.. It sounds like alienbreed in 3d with a robot thing. Maybe deathmask? Guess not..
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    Buying An Amiga Soon

    Yes FluffyUk, Simulcra is indeed a great game. I thought is was the only one that liked the game. You should try moonfall. It also has this sci-fy atmosphere.
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    Just Bought A 20" Imac - What Do You Think? :)

    Mac = 2x better then PC PC = 3x cheaper then Mac PC= better
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    Drmd V5 Beta 8 - Gp32 Release

    Works fine, but got the message when i did't use the standard rom-path: 'GP32:\GPMM\ROMS\MD'. Maybe you could clean up the readme for dummies like me.