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    Ultima 4 Clone Source For Linux Here

    Ah - I remember the tea towel well. Very handy for mopping up cola spills :) I think I was getting confused regarding Frodo. It's been a long time since I've used it - my main C64 emu is Pocket Commodore on the PPC. M.
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    Ultima 4 Clone Source For Linux Here

    Ultima I-VI were all on the C64 - Frodo should handle them pretty well. There's no real difference in the early versions across other platforms.
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    Gpx2 Unvailed!!

    Seeing as it takes SD cards and run as a verison of Linux, it's likely we could get an SD Wi-Fi card running on it. Mark.
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    The Way We're Treating Newcomers

    This has been an issue here for as long as I've been around. It's also an issue on many other forums - there's never any getting away with it. A few facts are: 1) People rarely read FAQs etc. 2) Search tools are infrequently used 3) People often phrase questions in a way that can be construed...
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    Spectrum Emulator Zx32

    Your starting point for anything to do with Spectrum games should be: You'll find what you're looking for there. Mark.
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    Gp32 Ii

    Let's hope they wire the speakers up the right way this time :)
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    Psx Emu

    Ahhh. Good to see the a discussion of a tech demo has drawn such wonderful accusations of people being 'faggots' and speaking 'BS'. There's no reason to doubt this emu. I've got a perfectly decent PS1 emulator on my PPC. OK - so my Axim's processor is around four times faster than my GP32, but...
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    Vic 20 Emulator

    Ahhh... I remember the Vic-20 having the best version of Omega Race. /old
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    4 Questions From A Relative Noob

    1) Load "" (it's the 'J' key - the symbol-shift P)
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    News About Gbax's 180mhz Gp32s And 32mb Ram Mods

    I see a few messages - two in particular referring to stock shortages - several months apart. may mean feel I'm playing devil's advocate, but plenty of sites (expansys springs to mind) warn people of stock shortfalls and that they need to get their order in if they don't want to wait for a...
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    News About Gbax's 180mhz Gp32s And 32mb Ram Mods

    All this conspiracy talk is making the boards sound like some low-rent X-Files clone :) I can't believe that I, a happy GP32 owner (amongst other systems) bothered to reply to a couple of kids throwing around completely unsubstantiated allegations of competition fixing. I guess my dumb-ass...
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    News About Gbax's 180mhz Gp32s And 32mb Ram Mods

    Newbie? Check the joining dates :) Look, mate, if you're going to make accusations, post proof - you're onto a loser otherwise.
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    News About Gbax's 180mhz Gp32s And 32mb Ram Mods

    Best. Answer. Ever. To wherever the Zodiac quote came from - GBAx sells GameBoy Advances as well, you know. Perhaps you'd like to write to Craig and tell him to refrain from stocking such kit? You could cc Jeff Bezos at Amazon, you know, a quick word in his shell-like and I'm sure he'll arse...
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    News About Gbax's 180mhz Gp32s And 32mb Ram Mods

    If I can chip in with mine: GBAx were the only UK seller I could find. The customer service was great, the delivery extremely fast and the unit came with a CD-ROM loaded with emulators and other GP32 software. The total cost was far less than purchasing from anywhere else. M.
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    News About Gbax's 180mhz Gp32s And 32mb Ram Mods

    Now there's an irony.