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    Release GemRB

    Just wanna chime in here with a quick thank you to JurnD for his work on this. This is one of the projects I've been most excited about on the Pandora, and as soon as mine arrives (I ordered in, oh, October 2009?) I'll jump on this and do what I can to test/report bugs etc. Really keen for some...
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    When Does Building/shipping Resume?

    Hey guys, this might not be the right place and this may well have been covered elsewhere, but I have been out of the scene for a bit, so sorry... but how does one go about finding out where in the queue they are? Thanks.
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    Gp2x File Archive Down?

    Nice! Thanks EvilDragon, and sorry that this happened. I agree with WarmFluffyUK... whatever motivates these losers is beyond me, but hey. Stoked that the file archive is going to be back up soon, keen to update my software.
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    The Best Emulators...

    What is the performance like? Are there any noticeable delays in loading/playing audio, or long loading screens, or anything like that? Picodrive is my favourite emulator as well, but I have not given MegaCD emulation much of a try. I bought Rise of the Dragon and Eye of the Beholder, but was...
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    Gp2x File Archive Down?

    I am also having trouble accessing the archive... I am sure it is now DOWN down, and never coming back - more likely they are just having some issues and all will be up and running again very soon. I have neglected my GP2x over the last few months since getting a new graphics card for my PC...
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    Dosbox Ready For Pandora

    Hey Pickle! :) Just wanted to drop in and say hi, and to let everyone know that if Pickle puts in even half the effort he did for the GP2X release, the Pandora's version of DOSBox is going to be the most awesome implementation of PC gaming ever seen on a handheld. In the future, when I have...
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    Future Gp2x Wiz Owners : Where Do You Live ?

    South Africa. Probably one of only a handful in the entire country that have a GP2X.
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    Freesci Beta Testers Requested!

    Great! I'm excited about this one. About to test Space Quest 3, Space Quest 4 and King's Quest 4 right now. These were some of the games I was hoping to get running well on DOSBox but it struggled to do the Ad-Lib and SoundBlaster. Hopefully an interpreter will run these better on the GP2X.
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    A Dosbox Dynarec Plea

    This would be so awesome if it came into fruition. DOS emulation was one of the key factors in me deciding to buy a GP2X and I have unfortunately always been a little disappointed with the speed and performance. Pickle has put in some great time and effort to adding features that greatly enhance...
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    Neo Geo Roms That Work In Neoragex But Not In Gngeo

    Sorry if this is a repeat, if so I will close the thread. I have a couple of ROMs that are compatible with NeoRAGEx 5.0 on Windows XP, but the same ROMs do not work with gngeo. They say they are bad dumps, or not compatible, or something to that extent. Is there a way to get these ROMs to work...
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    Dosbox For Gp2x 0.72-2

    Pickle, man, wow. I am so stoked you're still working on this! I have been super busy with university and work, and last night was the first time in ages I picked up my GP2x for a solid session, and then I wake up this morning and find this! Thanks again.
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    Dosbox 0.72 Pre-release Info

    Just as a quick word of advice, it is much easier to edit the conf files and whatnot in Wordpad, not Notepad. The End.
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    Gp2x Ac Adapter

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    Gp2x Ac Adapter

    I'm in South Africa, where we have the same voltage and whatevers coming out of the holes in the walls, although our plugs are round and yours are squarish. That being said, what are the numbers and polarities and all other things I need to know before buying a generic ac adaptor for my GP2X...