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    What's your Pandora doing today? (Or: A Pandora photo thread.)

    Yesterday mine developed further into the stages of PTOD making it unusable for anything but music... Not happy about this. How long does it take to go to the UK and come back to the US anyways? Last time I got mine repaired it was a nub issue so I had to wait months and months and months... It...
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    Let it be known that I am now starting a pool for a Final Burn Alpha port

    Put me in for $10.00 USD. I would love some of the CP fighters playable at full speed on my pandora.
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    How do I run Visual Novels using Onscripter in the Narcissu Pnd?

    Ok, first off let me say I am not at all terminal savvy. If there's a better way to do this that some of you know about please let me know so I can revise the instructions. So like Jey said, the general goal is to mount the .pnd of narcissu so you can view its contents. after that copy its...
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    How do I run Visual Novels using Onscripter in the Narcissu Pnd?

    Thanks, after a bit of screwing around with the instructions you gave me I did manage to get another Visual Novel working. If anyone would like detailed, step-by-step instructions just ask. Only problem I have now is that I'm having trouble finding any good english VNs that work with onscripter...
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    How do I run Visual Novels using Onscripter in the Narcissu Pnd?

    I've seen Evil Dragon and or someone else mention that Narcissu has Onscripter in its pnd and that you could run other visual novels using it. So, how would I go about doing this? Do I have to somehow get Onscripter out of the pnd? Can I use it without taking it out of the pnd? I'm totally...
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    How To Get Cps2 Roms Working With Mame?

    So I'm trying to get a few Darkstalkers games to work using a mame emulator on my pandora. A few months ago I distinctly remember I had one of them working but now none of the emulators will run the rom correctly. It's a little embarrassing because I forgot a lot of what I did to get it working...
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    How To Get Gemrb Working?

    downloaded this but never found any instructions anywhere. In a different topic bosbeetle said: And so I tried, and failed. So far I tried appdata/gemrb/black isle/ BGII - SoA/ and appdata/gemrb/BGII- SoA/ and also appdata/gemrb/data/(the folder inside BGII-SoA) So what am I doing wrong?
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    Sony Psp2

    @Orion4874 I see where you're coming from but at that point it's more of a preference thing. A 16GB Pro duo costed more then 50 bucks on the PSP go's release date (I'm pretty sure of that anyways).The go was also much more pocketable than the previous iterations, so for people who prefer...
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    Sony Psp2

    Just FYI the PSP go was $250.00 at launch because it had 16 gigs of internal memory. The standard PSP 1000 - 3000 had none, thus the price was more than justified IMO. I'm not that worried about the price but I am worried about the battery life. Maybe I shouldn't be comparing them but the 3DS is...
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    "your Pandora Has Been Shipped"

    I've had a better experience with the tracking than you have, but now that I think about it the tracking info has been extremely inaccurate quite a few times. Maybe I was just hoping this would be one of those times it would be accurate. I'll just continue to be patient for a little while...
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    "your Pandora Has Been Shipped"

    So is anyone else frantically refreshing the tracking page on only to read: "Service(s): Registered Mail™ Status: Origin Post is Preparing Shipment We have received notice that the originating post is preparing to dispatch this mail piece." I was told "Just to let you know we are...
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    Signs Of Life

    I can't give a good estimate because I had to send mine in for nub repairs, I ended up in the same wait as all the people that don't have one yet. But to be specific it took about 2.5 to 3 months XD You obviously won't have to wait that long though.
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    Signs Of Life

    Yup, I got mine today. Pretty surprised to see it too, I was almost positive I was going to go through weeks of questioning Jacquelyn to get my pandora back XD
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    Sdhc Card Issues

    Yeah, stick with big names (like amazon or newegg). I will never buy any type of mass storage device off of ebay again.
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    Wiz Vs Caanoo

    As someone who has had both, I prefer the Caanoo. In my opinion just about everything about the Caanoo is better than the wiz (build quality, screen, controls, menu, etc.), the only drawback is that software development is still in the earlier stages, but It is coming along pretty nicely.