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    Welcome new and old members!

    someone else is gonna have to run PyraPress this time around, I'm busy what exactly do you think every single high-end smartphone has for a screen?
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    Pandora 2011-2013 memories

    2011-2013?! you kids had it good. in my day we were ALL waiting, and all we had to do while we waited was play with our GP2Xs until our thumbs wore out!
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    New Pandora owner? Make this thread your first stop. I've repurposed my webserver to serve as a host for my photography portfolio. There was a mirror of pandorapress coming from, but it seems to have broken.
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    Upgrade your Classic CC Pandora to a brand new GC one!

    Argh! I should've sent my Pandora in for repair a week or two later and done this :wacko:
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    What did the team do, in order to make Pandora audio output so good?

    A qualitative example of how good the Pandora's audio is compared to something else: I've installed Rockbox on my first-generation iPod Nano. Using Rockbox on the iPod, I can turn the bass up to 6db at normal listening volume, driving my Sennheiser HD280s, before it starts to clip. On the...
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    Another "what changed" thread

    I made one of these a while back. Today, I got my Pandora back from EvilDragon, all fixed up, after a year lying dormant in my house with a broken LCD cable. What's changed since around this time last year? I'm seeing a lot of talk about 1ghz Pandoras, and my Pandora now says "Super Zaxxon"...
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    Warranty return procedure

    Thank you very much! :D
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    Warranty return procedure

    Hello! I posted a while back about returning my Pandora for repairs. I tried the methods people suggested, but recieved no response at all. Is there someone else I should contact? Has the method for returns changed? I'd like to have my Pandora back since I've been saving my classic game-playing...
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    Warranty repair procedure?

    hello! and thanks for the help, guys :)
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    Warranty repair procedure?

    I just found my Pandora under a thing. Shameful, I know. I got it back in July or June (I forget), the LCD cable (one of the last of the bad ones) failed a couple weeks later, and I didn't want to deal with our postmaster to send it to England (he is an unpleasant man). I emailed...
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    Fast LCD cable failure?

    Well, I fixed it, and it still does the exact same thing. I think the problem is inside the hinge (maybe where the cable twists), since when I put pressure on the hinge, it shows a (garbled) image instead of a black screen. Looks like I'm going to have to RMA it again after all :(
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    Fast LCD cable failure?

    found the problem I appreciate the design decision to put the LCD cable on the underside of the board.
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    space exploration/trading game?

    Wasn't someone working on porting Naev a while back?
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    Fast LCD cable failure?

    Thanks; I was assuming that there was a socket in the top part, since when I squeezed the corner of the screen casing it showed a (messed-up) image. If it stops working again I'll see if it's crept out in the bottom part.
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    PDF and eBook functionality on the pandora

    I haven't tried it in a while, but FBreader is fantastic for reading books. I read several, including John Steakley's Armor on it.