ZTE - The Xperia Play Killer


This is it. Meh. Just looks like any other android smartphone. <_<
Seems Engadget are not sure that pic above is actually it. May need to wait the days out to confirm.
That is it, look on ZTE-UK twitter, they have a twittpic [i think thats what they called] of it ... looks just like that one on Engadget to me.

I think ZTE were hyping this as a game phone purely on the Tegra inside it, misleading though for sure, Xperia Play it is for me still then.

They also got a video of it being used by Pro Green :)

Heh - even worse than I expected :)

I expected BAD gaming controls... but completely missing ones...?

Awesome :)
This is realy sad, a Xperia Play Killer whitout the Xperia Play Killerfeature: Gaming Controlls,

the otherside: Now i dont need to by a new Phone, until my Xperia Play is given his Ghost up (i like my GermanEnglish) my lovely mister singingclup (meinlieberherrgesangsverein ) ;)
personal i would and did go for a galaxy note, can run emus better than the pandora (i still much prefer the pandora though) it runs onlive pc games with no lag, can play pc games superbly using kainy. it can be set up to run as a pc (pc mode) and with a bt keyboard and mouse makes dos gaming awsome, can be set up so the phone thinks its a native tablet and not a phone making the screen even nicer. the battery life is immense if clocked smartly. ive had nearly two weeks out of mine just using it as a phone and alarm clock. simple tv out. i get download rates the same as my pc over the wifi. there are shed loads of people developing roms and software for it. it weighs nothing. there are shedloads of accessories for it. everything about the phone is completely customisable. the down side is samsung pissed the screen and dont seem bothered abou sortint it out (fortuinately a 3rd party dev has released a paid app to sort it out) and like all new smart phones if you do decide to push the bondarys and play call of duty or something like that the phone over heats verry quick, also the phone can not hold more than 400 apps even if u have the space, it trips it in to an infinate boot loop untill you reduce the number of apps. that said now ive had a phone with a sensible size screen i could not go back to having a small screened phone again, theyre just look horrible to look at and trying to read the screen strains my eyes now, every device i own has a 5" or larger screen.
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