Your system specs/Your next Computer

Athlon TB 1333mhz
512mb pc2100 ddr ram
40 gb hd (only 5 gb left)
64mb geforce3 ti 200
dvd drive, cdrw 24x
cheapo 400watt power supply that doesn't like starting up 1st time
17" monitor
usb 2 pci card
tv card

motherboard can go as high as a Athlon 2400 - so will think of upgrading at some point (although the PC does most of what I want), bung in some more memory eventually.
my old PC (now the family PC) downstairs:

celeron 600mhz
192mb RAM
evil intel i810 16mb graphics
15Gb HD
17" monitor

(it sucks ass)

my PC in my room:

AMD Athlon XP 2600+
512mb PC2700 DDR RAM
60Gb HD (20Gb partition for Windows etc, 40Gb for storage)
GeForce 128mb FX 5200 graphics card (not amazing, but it's fairly beasty)

whatever the onboard sound is, cant be arsed with a soundcard, I have a bitching stereo system for my music ;)

Lite-on 52/24/52 CD-RW
Pioneer DVD-RW 106... mmm DVD writing mmm

6 lovely USB ports, even though I only use about 4... one for GP32 cable, one for PSX to PC pad converter (they kick ass!!), one for scanner, one for printer :)

15" NEC TFT monitor...

keyboard and scroll mouse :D
The PC I'm on at the moment is in my room and just used for mp3s and websurfing. Thats
  • 350mhz pentium 2
  • 512i digital legacy audio card
  • 3d prophet 4500
  • 352mb ram
  • Flat screen17" crt monitor.
Then the main family comp is.
  • 1.2 Ghz Athlon
  • 256mb ram
  • on board graphics and sound
  • 1 cd drive and 1 cdrw drive
The laptop is.
  • 2.4 Ghz Pentium 4
  • 256 mb ram
  • An nvidia graphics card, not sure which 1 tho.
  • Dvd rom drive.
And my sisters pc is.
  • 400 Mhz pentium 2
  • 128 mb ram
  • CD rom drive
  • Voodoo2 8mb graphics
  • On board sound
And we have a couple of of network points in every room, apart from the kitchen and bathrooms. None of the pcs are that good, good enough to enjoy unreal tournament tho with a few mates, even better if they bring their machines :).

Edit: oh, if i was to get a new pc it would b a half decent laptop for when i start uni. just enough to run 98 with no probs would do me fine.
My system:

AMD Athlon Thunderbird 1.4Ghz
256MB SDRam
18.6 Gb harddrive
64MB Nvidia Geforce 4 MX 460
Soundblaster Live
Lite on lite 16x10x40 cdrw
Hitachi DVD
Generic 52x CD rom

May not seem so special, but I can't even comprehend upgrading to anything else, there is nothing that this thing can't handle....tis my self built baby of course, must just be one of those lucky configurations.
Amd Duron 1.1 (GOTTA upgrade this when i get more money)
512 DDR SDRAM (PC2100 I believe)
Radeon 9000 64MB DDR VIVO (upgrading in 3 days)
Lite-On 48x12x48 CD RW drive
Sony DRU-10A DVD +- RW
Kinyo 4.1 Speakers (who needs a HiFi? Not me!)

New GFX card I've just ordered:
GeforceFX 5600 XT VIVO (yes, I DO need the VIVO!) 128MB DDR
Not bad for £80! Same price my old card was.
sadly, i'll be buying a peecee...
Athlon 2000XP
256 mb Ram
40gb HD
DVDROM drive (im taking my grams old burner )
Win2000(the only winos i'll use by choice, if grudgingly)
um... its green... and yeah.

Why sadly? If it was a worse option you wouldn't go for it, am I right?
Oldest computer :
4gb hd
15inch monitor
400mhz pentium 2 ?
196mb of ram
Old computer :
1700xp +
15 inch monitor
60gb hd
geforce 2 ultra
398 or 396mb of ram cant really remember
2500xp over clocked 2 3200xp +
256mb of ram
17inch monitor
Ati Radeon 9600xt
Sound Blaster Live! using kx audio project drivers so no eax / eax 2 but instead full asio support coupled with stomp n fx + amplitube *hurrrayyyy* and dsp routings !
1ghz Celeron
64mb of ram
15 gb HD
Now broken laptop:
233mhz pentium
32mb of ram
5gb HD i think cant remember 2 well now
Thats about it
apart from a laptop that has now left me and being given 2 my sister which was :
2400 celeron
30gb HD
15 inch screen
dvd / cd-r

Oh and are people still having problems on counterstrike steam or have they gone because my fps seems fine though it flickers 99fps eg unseeable flickering between possibly 91 - 99? Also it seems 2 play the crazy doom alpha quite well about 30 - 40 fps seems quite cool. Also my 9600xt supports dual screen on dvi + analog monitor etc. But i would really love to be able 2 output a movie on the tv out + use the computer on the monitor as per usual is this at all possible ??? It certainly doesn't seem 2 let me :(
Thought I would just my computer spec and what I use at work:
At work
2 SGI Octane workstations, connected to an Origin 2000 also SGI. 260GB Raid server. 1GB Memory I think .
1 Sun pizza box style workstation. Connected to some VME stuff
1 Sun Blade connected via a fibre optic data link to the VME stuff.
All running Unix in various flavours and several 21 inch monitors
Several windows pc.
The one I'm using at the mo is
1.6GHz P4 256Mb memory, 30GB HD and Nvidia 64Mb Graphics card running Windows 2000. 19 inch monitor
At Home
HP Pavillion:
1.1Ghz AMD Athlon, 512MB Memory, 40Gb HD, 64Mb Nvidia Graphics, running Windows ME (Multiple Errors). 19inch monitor
My Laptop
Fujitsu LifeBook 455Mhz Celeron, 128Mb Memory, 6Gb HD (soon to be upgraded to 40), some strange graphics card its called a 2.5D 8Mb memory + another 24 from main memory should it need it. Complete with Touchscreen LCD I think its 11inch .
I think thats about it.
I have 5 machines in my little box room office :)

cerebro (my webserver)

running Redhat 9 + Apache with mod_php and mysql
Celeron 266
256mb Ram
3gb HD

kubrick (my development machine)

running XP Pro
Athlon 1.1ghz
512mb Ram
120gb HD
Voodoo 3 3000 (dont play many pc games)
TV Capture card (at the moment my neo geo cd is hooked up to this so i can play last resort in the office)
Some piss 5.1 Surround Card

tempest (my GIMP machine)

running slackware linux 9.1, KDE and the GIMP
AMD K6-2 450mhz
256mb Ram
6gb HD
Voodoo Blaster Banshee 16mb
Sound Blaster AWE64 Gold

The three machines above are all hooked up to my KVM switch to share a 15" compaq CRT monitor, and microsoft keyboard and optical mouse (told you it was a small room)

lappy (my laptop duh)

running XP Home
Pentium 4 1.8ghz
512mb Ram
30gb HD
ATI Mobility Radeon M6
AC97 Onboard Audio
Toshiba CDRW - DVDROM Combo Drive
6-in-1 USB 2.0 Card Reader
14" TFT Laptop Display Panel

ukp (my girlfriends machine, she shares the office)

running XP Pro
AthlonXP 1400+
256mb Ram
40gb HD & 20gb HD (shes not using the 20 though so i may steal it for my server)
Geforce 2 64mb MX440 Card
AC97 Onboard Audio
52x Lite-on CDRW
Cellink RF Wireless Keyboard and Mouse

All networked via an 8port hub, and a 4 port broadband router, which also has my xbox hooked up, i love my machines :)

Upgrades to come? Im gonna replace the two crts with tft screens, eventually. Maybe replace the graphics card in kubrick to something a bit more directx friendly, and im gonna buy a mac to play with OSX.