Your system specs/Your next Computer


Dec 12, 2003
London, UK
Here's a twist on the "post your system specs" topic that we see all too often...

First, my current system specs:

Old PC:

600 mhz P3 processor

128 mb of RAM

32 mb Diamond Viper Graphics card (Nvidea)

10 gig hard drive

CD Drive (not sure of the speed, 24x, I think).

Now, the PC that I'm currently on:

2.0 ghz P4

256 mb of RAM

40 gig hard drive

64 mb Nvidea Geforce4 MX (Say what you want about it, it runs UT2K3 BEAUTIFULLY)

16x DVD Drive

48X CD-RW drive (second bay)

Now, the twist; If you're planning on buying a new PC fairly soon, go ahead and post what system specs you think that one will have.

So, here we go:

Dell Dimension 4600

2.8 ghz P4

1 gb RAM

128 MB Radeon 9800 graphics card

60 gig hard drive

16x DVD drive

48x CD-RW drive

15 inch Flat panel display
My server:
AMDK6 400, 128 MB Ram, Suse Linux 7.2, 300 Gig HD Space

My Notebook:
Pentium 2,4 GHz, 512 MB DDR, 40 Gig HD, PCMCIA Card Reader (essential for a GP32 :)), 15" Flat Pen Monitor, External Pioneer DVD-R Writer

My compositing suite:
AMD 2800+, 1 Gig DDR, 80 Gig HD, PNY Quadro 750 XGL Graphics, HP Spacemouse, A3 Pen Tablet, 2xSun 22" Monitors (running both at 1600x1200).
Internal Pioneer DVD-R Writer

Edititing Suite:
G5 Dual 1,8 GHz, 1 Gig RAM, 80 Gig HD, 2x IBM 17" Monitors

Future System:
I will switch the compositing suite either to a 64bit PC or G5 Dual 2 Gig... depends on the software manufacturers...
Athlon XP 2000+
256 PC3200 DDR400
38GB C: drive
55GB D: drive
Just a stupid 16MB Viper Diamond video card until I can save up for an ATI Radeon 9700
40x CDRW

I'm trying to save up for more parts, but won't be able to afford them because I'm trying to build something else.
Well, at the moment I'm typing on my dad's P4 2.8GHz machine. But my machine is a P3 1Ghz, GeForce FX 5200, 128mb ram (usually 256), and a couple of 20gb HDDs. Win 2000.

Once my motherboard arrives (which hopefully it will in the not too distant future - yeah, right :( ), I'll be upgrading to an AthlonXP 2.6 Barton core, 512mb DDR3500 (oddly enough worked out substantially cheaper than going for 3200DDR from the same company - weird), and sticking with the same HDDs, GFX, and my good ole Live 5.1 Player soundcard...
Geez, I've got you guys all beat for what is obviously the BEST computer.

Celeron 500 cpu
Voodoo 3000 AGP
512 megs RAM
50 gig HD
10x8x24 (I think) cd-r/cd-rw burner
52x cd-rom
3.5 floppy (lollerskatez)
17 in monitor (no flatpanel/screen, but I never liked those)
Windows 98 with web-integration off so everything FLIES (easily my fav version of Windows)

As you can tell, this thing is obviously a power-house computer internet machine technology.
Voodoos were coll, I had a 3500 AGP TV, but they changed the AGP slot standard when they made 8x, so I had to find a PCI video card to use. How lame, I would be kicking ass with my comp if I had a good video card and more RAM.
My comp:

866MhZ P3
10GB & 40GB HD (the 40GB one is partitioned, 10GB for linux, and 30GB for windows)
TNT2 32MB gfx card
CRT xx" screen (too lazy to find out)

My laptop:

266MhZ Pentium w/ MMX
32MB Ram
some type of old gfx card (all I know is that it has 2MB RAM)

But this is sooooo unfiar: One of my 'friends' (actually just someone who comes to my house sometimes... and I don't really like him that much) just got a 3GhZ P4 computer for christmas :( And the worst part is that he is the absolute dumbest computer person ever, and I, who (at least IMHO) know a lot more about comps than him, am stuck with a sloooooow 866MhZ P3 :(
Right - various specs...

Main machine...

Athlon 1800XP
512Mb Ram
Geforce 4 Titanium 4600 Graphics card
1x30Gb and 1x40Gb HDD
DVD-R/RW Burner
40x CD Burner
UltraATA133 PCI IDE card to support all those devices!
2x firewire
12xUSB (yes 12)
Sonic Fury 5.1 Sound card
512k ADSL connection
Wirelessly networked with the following....


256Mb RAM
30Gb HDD
Wireless network card

Tablet PC:-

1Ghz Transmeta Crusoe CPU
256Mb RAM
30Gb HDD
Add-on DVD Rom
Stylus for direct-screen control
2x USB
1xWireless Lan (built in)

Home-recording PC:-

1Ghz Celeron
512Mb Ram
Terratec DMX Fire 24/96 Professional recording sound card (With Breakout Box)
20Gb HDD
Yamaha DB50XG Midi module daughterboard.
Fatar MIDI controller keyboard.

No plans for anything new - it all does everything I want!
Mine will be either PowerMac G5 or then more probably Pegasos ( running MorphOS or Liiimux. :rolleyes:

So you're a blue one rather than a red one then eh Mr Spiv?


I played with AmigaOS4 on an A1 a few weeks ago, and it's looking nice! MorephOS is noce too though. Why so anti-x86?
I'm getting an Alienware Laptop :D . Here are the specs

Warranty: 2-Year AlienCare Toll-Free 24/7 Phone Support with Depot Service
Operating System: Microsoft® Windows® XP Professional
Case: Area-51m Case with 16.1" UltraXGA 1600x1200 LCD Display - Conspiracy Blue
Processor: Intel® Pentium® 4 Processor 3.2GHz 800MHz FSB w/ 512KB Cache
Motherboard: SiS648FX + SiS963L AGP8X Chipset
Memory: 1024MB DDR PC-3200 - 2x512 SO-DIMMs
Video Card: AREA-51M ATI Mobility Radeon 9600 Module with 128MB DDR
Sound Card: Sound-Blaster Pro Compatible 3D Audio
Hard Drive: Hitachi 60GB 7200 RPM ATA100 with 8MB Cache
Smart Bay One: 4x2x8x DVD-RW / 16x10x24x CD-RW Combo w/Software
Ethernet NIC: Integrated 10/100Mb Ethernet NIC
Modem: 56K Modem with V.92 Technology
Wireless network: Built-In Wireless 802.11a/b/g miniPCI Card
Additional Floppy Drive: USB Floppy Drive
Additional Battery: Additional Primary Lithium-Ion Smart Battery Pack
Headphones: Sennheiser HD570 Open-Aire Dynamic Stereo Headphones
Optional Mouse: Microsoft IntelliMouse Explorer 3.0 - USB - Conspiracy Blue
Optional Notebook Bag: Targus Sport Standard Computer Backpack - Platinum/Black
Productivity Software: Norton AntiVirus™ 2004 Professional Edition
Bonus Subscription: Bonus 12-Month Subscription to Computer Games Magazine!
Free Alienware T-Shirt: Free Alienware® T-Shirt - Black
Automated Support: AlienAutopsy: Automated Technical Support Request System
An here comes the boss ;) No laughing please :)

My main and favourite computer is

Dual Celeron 366 MHZ :) (it used to be overclocked to 560 MHZ but now i switched to default speed as it started to hang lately)
Motherboard - Asus with support for 2 processor
256 Ram (actually one of memory chip is broken but still works ;))
Geforce 2
30 Gb hdd
no dvd :)
Sound Blaster live

And typical bunch of programs running in the background:
Adobe Photoshop
AVG Antivirus
Total Commander
Tlen IM
Bittorent Client
PHP Edit
Apache Server for local script testing

and yes.. i need to upgrade my machine to something better :)

Pentium III 800 MHZ or soemthing about
14 TFF
30 GB

i use it only for misc training videos :)

Casiopeia Pocket PC

Not new but also not too old. It has colour display and that is all i know about its hardware :)) Mainly used by my wife for playing solitaire :))
This computer:

Processor : P200MMX (old faithfull)
Memory : 64 Mb EDO-RAM
Graphics Card : TNT2 32Mb PCI
OS : Windows XP (Really! It runs! If you disable all the useless junk, that is)
Floppy : None (I used it on the new PC)
CD-ROM : None (I gave it to my youngest cousin)
Ethernet : Old Realtek clone card
Audio : Sound Blaster 16 PCI (ripped from a Dell PC)
Hard drive : 4.0Gb and 10.0 Gb, both Fujitsu.

Most recent computer :

Processor : AMD 2400+
Memory : 1Gb (if there's something i've learned, is that you can never have too mutch memory)
Graphics Card : Geforce 9500 Ultra 64Mb (waiting for my non-ultra 128Mb card to arrive)
OS : Windows XP (with all the useless junk)
Audio : Original Sound Blaster Live (a leftover from another PC)
DVD : MSI DVD-Burner 4X/4X/24X
CD-ROM : HP i8210 Burner 4X/4X/12X
Hard Drive : 80Gb Seagate/Maxtor
Capture Card : Pinnacle Systems DC10 Plus.
Everything Else : Integrated into some top-of-line MSI board.
Power Mac G4 700MHz eMac
17" screen
40gb HD
256 mb RAM

sadly, i'll be buying a peecee...
Athlon 2000XP
256 mb Ram
40gb HD
DVDROM drive (im taking my grams old burner :D )
Win2000(the only winos i'll use by choice, if grudgingly) :lol:
um... its green... and yeah.
Past "first" system :

Intel celeron 366mhz
Ati rage pro 8mb built in graphics ( Total crap now! :D )
4GB hard drive
14" monitor.

Past system : Note.. switching the wrong voltage means a dead board!

Athlon 1500+
Geforce 2 32mb PCI version.
512mb RAM
14" monitor
60GB Deathstar HD.

The system i am using now : yet to be done still waiting for bios chip for bust board
This system is extremely loud with these fans!! in fact i cannot use it because its so loud, so i am waiting for the vantec fan controller to change the RPM to arrive.

AMD athlon XP 2600+ @ 2.4Ghz Equivilant past xp 3200+ with 2x vantec tornado 92mm fans & SLK900u
2 X Akasa pci exhaust fans
Maxtor Diamond9 160GB hd 8mb buffer
21" Monitor
Philips DVDRW
ATI Radeon 9500 @ 9700 128mb
Corsair 512mb Dual channel PC3200 ram @ 450mhz

The system i can make out of all my other parts
AMD Athlon XP 1800+ or 1500+ ( yes i have 2 spare CPU's! )
768mb DDR pc2100 ram
Geforce 2 64MB agp
40GB seagate HD.

Stick that in you're pipe and smoke it!! :p

Not bad!! :) i also have the Asetek waterchill cpu cooler in a box, not using it no room in the case oh well :angry:
Athlon XP 2800+
Shuttle SN45G
2x512 Corsair PC3200 DDR400
41GB & 80Gb hard drives
ATI Radeon 9600xt
16x10x40x CDRW
17" crt and 15" tft ^^

I only just made it so I'm not thinking about upgrading quite yet...

sadly, i'll be buying a peecee...
Athlon 2000XP
256 mb Ram
40gb HD
DVDROM drive (im taking my grams old burner )
Win2000(the only winos i'll use by choice, if grudgingly)
um... its green... and yeah.

Ha ha!
Past system:

Athlon 1800+
Geforce2MX 32mb
256mb DDR RAM
Soundblaster Live
15" Samsung monitor
80GB Deathstar HD. (which of course died)

I am now using a:

VIA Epia M10000 (1GHz VIA CPU, CPU-fan controlled with a Zalman fanmate)
Onboard graphics
256mb DDR RAM
Soundblaster Live
15" Samsung monitor
80GB Seagate Barracuda (Near silent)
Completely silent PSU (Powerbrick, like for a laptop)
Cooling the entire system with one 80 mm Papst-fan at 5V

I will probably upgrade to the next VIA Mini-ITX motherboard with a completely fanless yet slightly more powerfull CPU when available. I love these quiet little things :)