Yogg Crackles!!! Help?


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Sep 29, 2003
On my gp32 Yogg (the ogg vorbis music player) crackles on many songs.
It seems to be with most that are vbr.

I wonder if this is a problem with using newer ogg 1.01 files?

Back with gpogg I couldn't use those files either, they had odd playback rates.

Most of the current files I am playing are from the ogg homepage and its links.

Please help!!! I wan't to listen to ogg songs while programming this week, on school machines without soundcards.

Here is a sample song to see what I mean...
its a free cover of queens who wants to live forever, pretty sweet song.

The static in this one occurs within the first 20 seconds, then comes back intermittently.

I can hear it pretty plainly with headphones, and a comment was made about it in the 15 day later contest site.

Any suggestions???

Any help YOYO???

I realize it is always good to condition your audio, but most of the files I am playing lately are available online, and I just don't see why they should be reconditioned for gp32 play. They play fine on the pc, with win or linux.

It seems like it is something with newer files, large vbr bitrate changes, or something.

The file above shows Kbps going from 0 to 43, which can't be right, and most of the files with a CBR or a smaller range of bitrate seem fine.

Anyone else have comments?

I have grabbed my old CDplayer for now, but hopefully?