WTS DreamGear MiniKey USB keyboards


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Apr 6, 2014
I have a few of these. USB plug n' play, work with every device I've tried them on. Made to mount to a DualShock controller. Good for embedded projects and custom handhelds.


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The listing ended, but will you relist? You still have some yes?
I only bought one just to try it, but now IWANTMORE. Please?
They're pretty wonderful and should be perfect for the project I want to do. Wanna get two more; one for just in case I need one for another project and another just to keep as is to play around with/use in case I need a keyboard for quick text input on something and don't want to go hunt down a full sized keyboard.
My only concern is longevity, since it's a cheap third party item.
I have more, and they have been relisted. I'm out of town, so handling may take a few days. There are plenty left, however.

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