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Jul 16, 2006
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Wanting to sell my Dell Axim x50 v here is a list of the full specs Click Here im throwing in 2 carry cases its in perfect condition and comes with the manual and USB data transfer/charging craddle. If you live in the USA u will get free overnight shipping with a tracking #, if u do not live in the USA it will be posted thru usps standard postage.

I don't really have a set price but at the moment im just taking offers so feel free to make an offer in this thread or in PM thanx alot
At the time i got it i paid 350$ but its still in pretty much perfect condition, im not expecting to get what i paid for it so any reasonable offers are appreciated.
I will open with a slightly less than reasonable offer... $200. Just to get the ball rolling.
My friend has one, and while it is rather nice, the battery life is meant to be abysmal.
One hundred billion dollars