WTB: OpenPandora


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Oct 24, 2008
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I apreachiate your plan to want also a Pandora, but dos it realy make sense now?

I mean, ok in my Pandora Preeorder Times, the GPH Wiz was also out, and it where a cool Device to shorten the Waiting Time, but in these Days i believed in 2 Months (tm), and i thought that a 140 € Handheld may be a bit too expensive to be opsolete in 2 Months (tm), so i never bought a GPH Handheld althought if i think back these days, i would rather buy a WIZ,
But you are everytime smarter after it happens, ..

But on the other side: Call me Over Optimistic, but after my opinion, everything looks like that at least the "First Batch" may gets out in this year and that whe are for shure in the last "2 Months" Cycles..

But a Pandora is also a great Collectors Item, as long its not that "Used" looking than mine, as its got a lot of wear and tear because i carry it every day in my Work Pants, and i broke a Shoulderbutton some month ago..,..

Its no option to sell, as its cant reflashed for a new User as the Shoulderbutton was the right one..


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Dec 11, 2010
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I live in South Africa. I have a First Batch Open Pandora I haven't used in years that I am toying with selling.

I'm not sure I want to let it go, as it *is* a very rare collectors item.

Issues with it are:
It no longer charges from the charging port - I'm not sure if the charger itself is broken, or if there really is something wrong with the port.
The full size USB port is very sensitive and will break connection if bumped. I'm sure all you need to do is re-solder it if you have those skills.
A couple of clips have broken on the battery cover, but it still closes nice and snug and keeps the battery in place.
Some other minor cosmetic chips or scratches typical of the case quality of first batch Pandoras.

I'm not going to put a price as i don't really want to sell. Instead you can give me an offer and I will consider it. If you *are* interested, I can take photos. Factor in that you will also have to cover the postage to the USA.... which will probably be steep.

Ball is in your court.