[PURCHASED] I want to buy a Gp2x Wiz (WTB)


Nov 10, 2010
Hello. I am looking for a GP2x Wiz to buy. It must be in near mint with no scratches, dents or scuffs.

Do you have one including the unit, box and cable? Send me a PM with pictures, and your asking price.

I can pay via PayPal. I live in the United States.
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I saw two current auctions. One is for a Wiz that does not include the cable or box, which annoyed me. Another one is for $150 plus a high shipping charge, which feels to be very expensive. Is that the price they go for now?
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If it is in mint condition, complete with the box, manuals and cable and the SD card is included, I'll pay up to $150 USD.

However, I'd be able to buy it May 1st, not today.
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I just pulled and re-purposed my main wiz card for use with the Pandora.  I can't think of a reason for me to pick up my wiz over my Pandora at this point.  All is in mint.  Leather case and extra battery.  Box, cable, papers, etc.  ED doesn't have any of these new?  Seemed like he had trouble getting rid of them at the end of the wiz life.

What is with the interest in the Wiz alone? Over a GCW Zero a Dingoo or Cannoo?
I love the design of the Wiz, I love how the design is very similar to the Gameboy Micro, yet plays Super Nintendo, NES, Genesis and Gameboy Advance. 

Plus it's the one that I have owned in the past (had to sell due to being in college at the time and needing money). I loved it back then, and it suited my needs. I wanted it to play Super Mario RPG and Kirby Super Star. It handled both easily.

I thought about getting the Cannoo, but the nub replacing the D-Pad turns me off a bit, plus again, the Wiz was one that I really enjoyed.
I've looked into the GCW Zero, and I'm really just not interested in that particular one. I'd like to get a Wiz, and a Pandora. I'll get a Pandora next month maybe, but the Wiz I'd like to get now.

Liveunderwater, I'm definitely interested if you'd like to sell it to me.
Would this be a good time to mention that all publicly posted photos of items for sale must have the seller's forum name visible on a scrap of paper?
I have 4 Wiz's and a parts Wiz but I have pulled them apart to do mods etc so I wouldn't trust myself to sell them.
Kahn! was excited to see the Wiz out and about.


Not a scratch on it.


I think I remember the cd being the manual.  I don't remember getting an SD card with this.



Woops, I had the post screen up for a while,  like while I was taking the pictures.  Why is that a rule?
I suppose you also have a black cat named Kahn! and an orange cat name Biff?  Or raw dated photo data.  I get it and all but seriously? 
Just received the Wiz from liveunderwater. It all looks great, and works perfectly fine.

Thank you!