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Mar 30, 2011
was so hype for rdr2 on pc i had to preorder it will got it as a gift and got 2 free games from it aswell both can't really play tho and was like thats not good rdr2 better work, didnt think would be a problem it is not a 10 + year old game like the others. and then yesterday happened spent hours trying all the tricks to just get the dam RS launcher to launch and not crash nothing has work still so i thought haven't played gta5 i got on steam awail back so i tryed to play that clicked play on steam that booted the dam rs launcher and that has a play on steam button so click that brings back to steam then error really i mean really wtf now i can't even play a game i have had for 2 years. what are they doing over there i know pc's are not consoles and to make a complex game run smooth or at lest run on soo many different pc setups with different this and that running or not running has to be insane but not like they are new to this and not like its 5 guys in a small building with no funds or resorces. sorry had to vent was not fine with rdr2 being so messed up at launch but the gta5 bounch around from launcher to launcher then error tip the scales.


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Oct 6, 2008
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Um, okay. Sorry to hear about that.

Some parapgraph breaks might make it easier for me to follow what you're on about, and it often helps to end with a question if you want to encourage discussion.


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Jun 20, 2011
@levi: I'll tl;dr it for you "fuck bugged games !!"

Some days ago I finally started TOMB RAIDER 2013, that I had installed on STEAM like 2 or 3 years ago...

At EVERY start it was asking my email to open an account, that I never gave, and after that I had to confirm a notification for EVERY single DLC I had installed...
ALSO, all the EXTRAS/UNLOCKABLE contents were visible only during the play session, and only the ones I had just unlocked, all the old ones were forget at every new start.

But well, seeing one of the best platform game ever transformed in a "pyromaniac simulator / bad shooter" (at least when you were actually playing, because, yeah, that happened sometimes between one cinematic and the others cinematic) turned me down, so I just rushed to the end game to uninstall it.
Also don't forget to find all the mushrooms or shoot mines to unlock the extras... WTF... The unlockable pictures were really great anyway... if them weren't constantly locked again at every start I could have also kept the game installed. Lucky me.
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Dec 14, 2012
wtf now i can't even play a game i have had for 2 years
I know that feel bro. I once bought Black & White, and after the first world, which is just a trainer to get used to the controls, it locked up around 5 minutes into gaming... consistently. At first I thought it was my videocard, but it did the same on another PC.