wind-up a few questions


Mar 19, 2003
Ok I installed mr. spivs multi boot firmware and I love it. However I am having some trouble with wind-ups, I bought movie park and I can't get it to allow me to make an icon for it on the desktop. As well once I have made a few icons and then I click save desktop it seems to save but when I launch the firmware again all ofmy icons are gone so I have to make them again. Are there certain folders that have to be created on the SMC to allow wind-ups to save configurations and use some files. I could also use some nice wallpapers and Icons if anyone has any that would be nice too.
uh how does the file type of wind-ups have any affect on weather or notit can run movie park or any other comercial software. I got to working pretty nicely now but I still can't get it to run movie park or connect to the pc-linker has anyone had any luck with this.
hezel wind-ups is part of the firmware, i'm using mr. spivs multi boot firmware. Its got the original firmware, pac rom and wind-ups all installed and gives you a menu to choose which one to use. So wind-ups is installed as firmware and not just installed as an app. The multi boot firmware is acctually pretty impressive.
The firmware includes only the main executable of WindUps and it doesn't create any folders/files/stuff :)
And I think it can only run gxb and fxe executables.
It's Hazel btw :)
Don't think so. The one included in MultiFW is even a newer one because it's patched by Mr.Spiv and now loads compressed FXEs. But when you install WindUps :) you can find out for yourself because the executable is there too.
angrypants: you have to have at least the folder named "wind-ups" located under the GPMM folder. The "Wind-ups" folder will store a "windups.cfg" file which has all you icons and background configurations.
The icons and backgrounds have to be on the "IMGS" folder, also under the "wind-ups" folder.
You can (alternatively to the multifw PC_Link) install the PC_link FXE file found on Darkfader's website, create an icon for it and access it from the Wind-ups program. Works like a beauty.
I run all fxe's except GPUN's "Snow White" and "Apple Striker" under Wind-ups. I access those using the original firmware contained on the multifw or pacrom. The same happens to commercial games, since Wind-ups does not run GXC/GXE files.