willow glass a flexible ultra thin screen!


Jun 16, 2007
Strigoi , my ah fellow Internet human I think I remember reading an article about that can't recall whether they made a prototype or if it was just a concept . Please don't tell me they made a prototype because then it will just be another piece of retro gaming epicness I'll never be able to experience . SIGH .
From Wikipedia:

Only five Cosmos units are known to exist

today, three are empty mockup shells and

the other two units are fully functional. One

empty shell and one fully functional unit are

owned by the Atari History Museum, while

the other functioning unit is owned by a

former Atari Inc. employee.

While considered one of the rarest of Atari

Inc.'s unreleased products, one of the

functioning Atari Cosmos has been seen at

several Phillyclassic video gaming shows, as

well as Vintage Computer Fest 3.0. The unit

is set out as part of the Atari History Museum

exhibits run by Curt Vendel, running with

Space Invaders or Asteroids for show-goers to