Will I Be Able To Connect To My Wireless G Network?


Still Fresh
May 29, 2008
One of the things that bugs me about the PSP is that it can't connect to my home network unless I use a Wireless B signal, which is significantly slower. Will the Pandora be able to accept Wireless G? Sorry if this has already been asked, searched for "Wireless G" with no results.
That's not the issue here. The question was whether the pandora would use the faster "g option" when connecting to the network. Sure, you can connect you're psp, but you can only use the slower "b part" of the network. (i.e., he wants to connect to the pandora at 54mbps instead of 11mbps)
Interesting. It's always cool to see new information.
I'd never bothered to read to wikipedia article on the 802.11 standard until just now, but from the looks of it, network managers could get some use out of those less well known standards.
(I have no idea what I'm talking about--so I probably sound stupid to someone who does)
What are the d,e,i and k specs? I've never heard of them before
They are all modifications to the basic 802.11 standard:

802.11d seems to deal with having country information sent by base stations.
802.11e provides QoS stuff for wireless LAN, to make video streaming better.
802.11i is WPA and WPA2.
802.11k means the AP sends information for the radio to choose the best AP.