Why not include OTG toggle in the quick menu?


Mar 8, 2012
As in the title. The OTG port is quite useful for me, because programmers and USB to serial converters are mostly USB 1.1. So since we have the "Enable USB host" already, why not add "Enable USB OTG" too (preferably one that doesn't need a reboot)? Now it needs enabling USB network on startup, which is not much convenient, and needs a reboot, and probably need disabling and another reboot when I will want to use the mass storage thing or charge Pandora from USB.

I have read somewhere that OTG should enable automatically when proper cable is inserted - it doesn't. I have a cable with the appropriate pins connected, and it doesn't switch to OTG when I insert it.

Please? :)
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I'll write it if somebody tells me how to enable and disable OTG (Whatever it is). I could combine it with my USB Mass Storage plugin (and maybe the other USB plugin)
There is no need to enable/disable OTG, it's always enabled, but depending on functionality you need, appropriate driver needs to be loaded (only one is allowed at a time): g_cdc for usbnet and g_mass_storage for mass storage. For the host mode, none of these should be loaded, no idea why some people need to load them (cables without proper id pin connection?). When I use host mode, sometimes a few replugs are needed for it to start, but not loading usbnet driver.
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For me the g_cdc must be loaded for the host mode to work. And my cable is good (the 4th pin in the mini plug is connected to GND). I tried replugging it several times without the driver, but it didn't work at all. Maybe you have made some improvement, that is not in the official firmware, that makes it work for you :) .