Which Snes Emulator

Akuma no Houkon posted on May 24 2004 at 02:33 AM said:
DemonStar55 posted on May 23 2004 at 05:06 PM said:
I like both but I like SNESx9 better because it seems to run faster then Zsnes

but Zsnes also uses same save files as the gp32 emu....
You must be doing something seriously wrong. ZSNES is optimised with loads of ASM, where as most of SNES9x is C++. The only reason SNES9x was choosen for the GP32 ports is because its C++ and not ASM, making it highly portable, but slow in comparision. I can damn near run 2 copies of ZSNES at the same time at full speed on a PC that will barely run SNES9x.

ZSNES supported all the extra effects and features of most of the special SNES chips long before SNES9x did. And has had much longer to fine tune and optimise them.

ZSNES is updated still, though not often because its already as perfect as you can get.
I think it because I had a realy old version and but I got the newest version of both
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