Whats The Best Internet For....

Well.. my father is constantly uploading / downloading recently.. i dont know if the cap is there but if it is then we can expect a phonecall some time soon i guess lol.

My friend is with virgin and he recently got a phone call saying he was way over his limit.. if it happens again he gets charged for it.. depending how much he goes over the limit, he did tell me how much bandwidth he was using.. something stupid like double what he was supposed to use lol.

Can someone give me a link where it says NTL is going 10MBs? and how much will this cost 100 pounds/month? i wouldnt be surprised and if there are caps it will be utter crap, whats the point downloading so fast if u are capped? and i hope the upload speed is increased.. 30-35kb's is not good

N/M.. i see the link is there, i need to look more carefuly :D
I'm on 2mbs bt, but I can only recieve 1mbs with them. Would that be the same with every company?
Recently upgraded to 1mb from Tiscali for £15.99. No limits although apparently they weed out the heavy users and ask them to lessen their use but i doubt this is much of a problem as i havent even been warned and mines on the go all the time with filesharing, gaming etc. I find their service good too, no problem when i had to ask them for router settings and support.
I have been seeding torrents 24/7 with Blueyonder and they've yet to talk to me about it. Probably not a good idea to keep this going for more than a few weeks in a row though, whatever your ISP.
hehe, my modem has never been switched off since i got internet, its hot, but it still works ;) i like the look of tiscali, but i may go for blue yonder, hmmm if i have a chance i probo go with the 4mbs connection with blue yonder, if not i may go with tiscali...
hmmm... I'vehad ntl broadband for 3 years and I've never noticed any limit, and I download at least 30gig a month. I'm pretty sure they don't bother about caps.