GP32 what exacly does "calling the kernel" mean?

nerd of nerds

Feb 25, 2003
In the bootloader guide it says that you have to "call the kernel". does this mean that after you have done all the other stuff to boot linux that all you have to do is load the kenel (like loading a rom in an emulator?). sorry if this is a stupid question but linux on gp32 would be fricken awsome!
Well, the kernel as any other program or whatever have a entrypoint, and when you have done what you are supposed to do (turn off dcache, MMU and initialized the tagged list) you just call the entry point, then the kernel should do the rest.

btw, have you managed to compile a kernel for the GP32?
i failed when i tried, some IRQ handling code seemed to be missing. could have been me who failed to patch the kernel correctly aswell.

B) I have been trying to get the universal bootloader to compile but haven't had much luck. it does have arm9 (arm920t) assembly which i have had trouble getting to work with vc++ i will be starting to develop on linux in a isn't my friend right now

i have had trouble getting linux to install on my main computer so i have had to use my laptop for dev with win 2k.It doesn't like my video card I'm trying to find a new/CHEAP card :(
How does the bootloader access the kernel :huh: , is it compiled with the bootloader?
(sorry if these are stupid questions but i'm a new developer and i'm just learning c++ and arm9 assembly)
The bootloader loads the kernel to somewhere in memory, then takes care of what should be done, and then executes it.
There is a bootloader for GPi32
you can get it via CVS from mizi's page, it's called vivi or smth.

AFAIK a simple bootloader doesn't have to do much at all, turning off caches, turning MMU off and set up the tagged list, then just call the kernel and off you go.
The problem then is that iirc there is no SMC driver..