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Mar 8, 2013
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New to the forums. Hi there! I hope I'm not voiding any rules, please inform me if I am- I will change whatever the issue is ASAP.

Heard about the Pandora a long time ago when they first came off the production line as a friend purchased one and showed it to me.

I now see how much I could use one, so I'd like to make a trade! I know it may be a pain but please read EVERYTHING so that you know what you are getting. I aim to make any transaction as smooth as possible for the both of us.


I am willing to toss in any combination of the items below, with cash either way to even out the trade. Please DO NOT hesitate to ask for any photos, I'd be more than willing to send you more.



-Sony U70p U series UMPC

-Condition- Absolutely fantastic considering the age. The unit itself is flawless and has been kept in immaculate shape due to low usage. The keyboard is in similar shape, as with the original bag and dock. Charger shows minor damage from being on the ground.

-Specs- See http://www.trustedreviews.com/opinions/sony-vaio-vgn-u70p-handheld-pc for a review, but I will list out the specs because this isn't a common item

-Pentium M ULV 1.0GHz

-512MB DDR


-5" 800x480 screen, glossy

-1 USB 2.0 port, 1 CF card slot, 1 memory card slot.

-Battery holds a solid 2:30 charge, on battery saving it can hit 3 hours. Better yet, this is an original OEM battery, and it still hold a 3 hour charge- you will NOT find a better condition unit.



-USB fold out keyboard (English/Japanese layout)

-Original OEM carrying case

-Original OEM charger

-Dock (4 USB ports; 4 pin firewire + power port for external CD drive, Sony proprietary model; Ethernet; power)

-Extra info- Unit is 100% functional, but the HDD will occasionally skip, as it is an older 1.8" IDE HDD. The unit cannot and will not boot with any power-hungry peripheral in the USB port- it hangs at boot with a black screen. As soon as the device is removed, the HDD activates. It is just poor power management, not a dying unit- it has been this way for as long as I can remember. After boot it is more than capable to power a USB device- I had it running a Canon LiDE 30 scanner (USB powered).

It also gives an error on boot coming from the vaioeventmanager.exe. This is due to certain drivers and applications not being installed after I accidentally uninstalled too much from the drive. I can't read japanese well, so I'm unable to find the drivers for it, which has now rendered the "standby" button and the utility buttons useless until the driver is either re installed or properly configured. As far as I know I have the configuration window for the Vaio Even Manager, but it is all in Japanese (and a good mix of Hiragana, Katakana and Kanji, making it all the worse to read to a non-native). Google Chrome is installed and works surprisingly well- I am more than able to check my email, eBay, Craigslist and other simple sites with ease- it doesn't stress the system to the max either. Unlike the OQO- the fan and fan speed system is accurate and quiet, and works well with the power management features.

-Asking $300 firm

Pictures (for larger see bottom of thread)

1- Unit, dock, keyboard

2- Unit

3- Case






-AMD E-350 nano ITX motherboard

-Condition- Great shape, fully functional.


-AMD E-350 1.6GHz dual core (not socketed)

-4GB DDR3 1066MHz

-Onboard Wifi (mini PCI-E half-height card on bottom, no antennae)

-HDMI out, 4 USB, sound, etc

-Built in power supply (requires DC wallwart)



-HDD extension cable

-Anything else that may be relevant for use. I can search around for a pair of antennae for you if you need them.

--I have a slot loading UJ235a drive (Blu-Ray burner, 12.5mm) if you are interested. SATA slimline connector, can include for an additional $40 (drive only, picture 3). I also have this for a size comparison; Both the board and the drive share nearly the same area.

-Extra info- Board is 100% functional, but will require you to have a AC-DC power adapter. The board is fairly neutral on power, but I recommend 9-12v, > 2A. I ran the board, along with an HDD and XBMC installed with a 9v 1.3A adapter, which worked until about 30 minutes into an HD .mkv file- it "popped" and shut down everything. So, I HIGHLY suggest getting a tad more than 2A. It is more than capable of doing full 1080p H.264 media with a proper OS installed. It IS full X86, so you can run Windows or Linux if you'd like. See picture 3 for a size comparison with a laptop CD drive.

-Asking $150 or best offer ($190 with UJ235a)

Pictures (for larger see bottom of thread)

1- Unit (sorry for it being sideways)

2- Ports (missing gap has solder points for VGA or an HDMI port)

3- UJ235a drive (size comparison)






-Playstaion "X" (PSX) DVR unit

-Condition- Great shape, minimal scratching on the plastic- only surface buffing from use. No serious dents or cracks in the stand, sides or bottom. All lights are functional, ports are tight and haven't been excessively pulled. Disc drive still ejects well.

-Specs- It is essentially a PS1, a PS2 and a 250GB DVR crammed into a case and sold in small numbers in Japan (generally considered a failure). Very cool unit, as it is the first instance of Sony using the XMB interface (even before the PSP). XMB is in Japanese ONLY with no language options. Supports all PS1 and PS2 peripherals (network adapter and HDD built in). This unit is NTSC-J region LOCKED, so you'll need proper power and video adapters to match your region. I have used it in NA for a little while without an

-Included- Only the unit, possibly a controller and wires. I do not have the box or the DVD remote, sorry.

-Extra info- Has an issue booting when in the vertical orientation. Simply placing it in it's horizontal orientation will fix this. Other thna that, not much else to be said. Functions well, there was recorded TV from Japan previously on the unit; it has since been deleted. IIRC it has the ability to wake, record a show, and then go back to sleep, which is fairly handy (And I'm sure every other DVR does this too)

--Funny story- I was carrying this home on the train 6 months ago after demo'ing it off at a friends house. A man approached me and asked what it was. Because I had the "PS2" logo hidden against myself, I told him it was the next Playstation. He said "Like, the PS4?!" And I told him, "Yes! I'm friends with someone who's fairly high up in Sony Computer Entertainment America and I'm doing beta testing for it". Needless to say he was very, very impressed.

-Asking $300, not too happy about offers.

Pictures (for larger see bottom of thread)

1- Unit

2- Back panel info + ports



(That port that looks like VGA is NOT VGA- it is a called D1/D2 Line out and is a replacement for component out)


I will be adding more soon! My fingers are tired and there are things for me to do other than sit around all day.

If you'd like s sneak peek at what I've got for sale, please check out my flickr photostream ( http://www.flickr.com/photos/67760679@N04/ ). EVERYTHING on there is currently for sale, and is in my possession.

I am a new member here, but I have a reputation over at ASSEMbler Games Forums. Please PM here me if you'd like a link to my feedback thread (I have the same username there).

Once again, PM for ANY and ALL questions. I love getting mail!
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wow thats some nice toys you got :) and welcome to the boards hope you get a pandora soon:)

Also most of this is just things I've gathered over the years, nothing that I really toy around with or keep for very long (minus the UMPCs). 

Now my friend (the one with the Cube Monitor and accessories) is a phenomenon. Walls lined with EVERYTHING, including an N64 development kit, a muse LaserDisc player, a phonebooth phone connected via Bluetooth to his cellphone, etc. 

I LOVE going over there for hours on end to have geek-talk. 
It's nice to see a face from ASSEMbler on these parts of the web. Good luck with the sales! If your friend wants to part with the N64 development unit let me know  :)
I'm from ASSEMbler as well.

And same, here...Good luck with the sales! If your friend wants to part with the N64 development unit, please let me know. B)
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Hahaha I would be the first one to get my hands on that. 

Complete unit with SGI Indy, all manuals, breakout boards and more. It's a dream. 
Is this stuff still live? I'd love to pick up an OQO (and I do own a 1ghz OP - but I don't know if I could part with it.)

How much for just the OQO?