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Jul 8, 2012
Amsterdam, Netherlands
For sale: 1GHz Rebirth Pandora. It's a great unit, but as it turned out, I don't use it. It has been gathering dust on my desk for almost two years now. The unit is as good as new, but might have some tiny scratches and a bit of dust here and there.
This is one of the original preorders, upgraded to 1GHz CC, bought September 2013 at the Dragonbox webshop.
There was a touchscreen issue, but EvilDragon has replaced the touchscreen.

The unit has serial number: 120002000525

The unit comes with:
- charger with eu plug
- usb sd card reader
- 3 sd cards: 4GB class 4, 8GB class 4 and 16GB class 10.

The unit is now put on Ebay:



(edit: added price, corrected title, updated touchscreen text)
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How much are you hoping to get for it? FWIW, in shorthand here, we tend to refer to 1GHz, Rebirth and CC units as three different things. Despite your unit saying both '1GHz' and 'Rebirth' under the battery we'd call it a 1GHz unit.

I take it that, like me, you originally ordered a CC unit when preorders first started, but when ED offered a discounted upgrade to a new 1GHz unit, you went for that.
Levi, you're right.

On the big sticker in the battery compartment it is marked as 'Rebirth Edition', but there also is a 1GHz sticker. ED referred to the unit as the 'upgrade to the CC version', so I kinda lost track of the exact name.

On the price; I see people asking (and getting) 350 to 450 Euro (400 to 500 USD). Since the unit has a problem with the touchscreen, but has only been used for a couple of tens of hours, I'd say somewhere in the middle. Let's say 400 Euro / 444 USD + shipping. I paid way more than that for the upgrade alone, so someone is in for a treat.
I'd take it, but knowing that if the touchscreen issue returns I'd have to ship it all the way back to Germany From the Central US. 

I'm thinking about it, but knowing that at the end of the month ED will have a new batch for 379E idk.
I am intereste. But I won't have money to spend until late August and won't have $500 until late October.
Hi guys, my Pandora is has been on Ebay for a couple of days now, but so far there has been only one bid. Is there seriously only on guy in the world interested in an Open Pandora? With only 21 hours remaining this could be your chance to score a bargain.

If only you had posted 1 month sooner, I would have bought it (jammer! Was het zelfs komen ophalen). Price is good though. But everybody is looking at the Pyra now... however GPD's at the same price... and with 7" android quad core devices under 70 euro...

Either wait until it becomes vintage (in 2045) or you should have fixed the screen before 1st posting. I stopped reading the first time when you said the touchscreen was damaged.
Looks like a fair price. Bidding is limited by the willingness to pay.
If only you had posted 1 month sooner, I would have bought it (jammer! Was het zelfs komen ophalen). Price is good though. But everybody is looking at the Pyra now... however GPD's at the same price... and with 7" android quad core devices under 70 euro...
Yeah but way less versatile (homebrew games, work) and emulation on a 1Ghz Pandora is still better than on a quadcore android device with the latest emulators not mentioning the overall DRM problem (sadly including Exophase's DraStic), so depending on the usecase it's well worth multiple times as any available android device. GPD seems to have a weird way of handling internal storage, so those are very limited when it comes to the number of apps you can have installed at the same time (2.89GB on GPD Q9), full usable twice SD slots should be more common.
I'm just not a fan of clamshells in general (which seems to make me an exception here) and only want to play Playstation in native res and Dreamcast in high res at the moment, GPD devices are a cheaper but also limited option of course. I got my GPD Q9 mostly for Playstation on a bigger screen (although the nubs suck) and even with multithreading enabled perfomance is worse in HD mode than on a Ghz pandora thanks to Notaz' magic although I prefer native res in most Playstation games anyway these days.
Besides, external bt keyboards aren't too cheap (add about 30 bucks to the bundle) and make stuff even less portable.

I think the price is good. Coming from someone who has sold his a bit too cheap.
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Actually, I use microSD cards, with adapters to normal SD card size. And yes, good idea, why not dual SD? *(I guess you are supposed to have a cloud-drive)
And I am not disputing the usefulness and versability of the OpenPandora. It is just that the people that wanted an OP now just want a Pyra... (the Pyra queue is looong... make no mistake)
Heh, there is this 9" phone... too big to talk with. I guess it will look as silly as phoning with a Pyra... but it has dual SIM cards...
I like the clamshell format, it makes the device smaller, and able to protect screen and keys at the same time...

Strangely, havent touched my playstations in a while (more than 2 years now)... I still need to kill the last monster in SotC, and need to grind in FF12 to kill the final boss (irrc, did all sidequests I could find already... its boring now)