Wanted: Gp32 Flu


Erm.... Woohoo!
Mar 31, 2004
Pittsburg, KS
I don't have much money at the moment, but I want a GP32 FLU.

If anyone is interested in a trade or something, let me know. I have a laptop that I don't use much anymore that I'd be willing to put up for the FLU. It's a Dell Inspiron 2200, which can go for about $200 on ebay these days. It's in kind of rough shape, but it's very usable. The only thing missing that affects functionality somewhat (in my opinion) is the PCMCIA card eject button. I'll include a WiFi card that you can just pull out with your fingers, but if a card sits flush, you'll have to stick a screwdriver in the hole where the eject button used to be and fiddle around until the card pops out.

If anyone's interested, let me know, and I'll post some pictures of the laptop and list some more information. If you'd want to trade for something else, let me know, and we'll discuss it. If you just want cash and would be willing to hold on to the FLU until I had enough to pay you, let me know as well and maybe we could work something out.

If you want to offer an NLU or a BLU, you can go ahead, but I'm not really likely to accept one of those, as I really wanted the FLU for the ability to play indoors with the light and outdoors with the reflective bit.