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Jan 2, 2007
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Hello there, I was wondering if anyone here knew of a way to fix Video sound syncronisation without updating Firmawares to 1.4.0...I am currently using 2.1.0 and am too afraid to try upgrading then accidentally fuck up my device...The Video Sync is pretty good on very small video playback files but when I move it up to a 2-3 hour long movie, the syncronisation comes a little after the persons lips are moving which I cannot stand...I also tried doing the underclocking thing (Where you press Y before the movie) and on all settings the Lip sync was screwed up! Is there any other way of fixing this or is it that the 2X cannot handle such a big file? Thanks... :ph34r:
Is it possible that you have not encoded it correctly? Are you watching it on the GP2Xs screen, if so, then you can reduce the resolution of the video to 320x240. Also use the XVid codec.
Check the file on a PC. If the audio is still out of sync at the end, it was encoded at the wrong framerate.

I concur with most of what's been said here. If the video is very high quality, such as a 700mb AVI that you'd rip for normal viewing, then the sort of lag you're talking about can happen, basically because the GP2X's CPU is being hammered.

Just because it can resize video on the fly, doesn't mean it likes to, and the first sign of it taking strain is losing picture sync.

It's worth re-encoding your movies 320x240 pixels, as Fluffy says above, because that's the GP2X's native screen size. You won't notice a visual difference, but the CPU will be muuuuuch happier.

Also your batteries will last longer, so it's a double win.