Insecticidal Maniac
Jan 8, 2011
Melbourne, Australia
Something Mr Loon said in the "Finalizing everything" thread triggered a thought. Have you considered sourcing some USB3 OTG adapter cables to sell in the DragonBox shop? I think it would be really useful to be able to include such an adapter in one's Pyra order so as to be able to make full use of the USB3 port.

Whichever type the Pyra has. :) Though come to that it may be worth carrying both if DragonBox sells devices that use each.
(I don't know if that's the case though)

My desktop has a mini-HDMI. Took me forever to find an adapter. One place seriously wanted to charge me $50 for a mini-HDMI cable and a gender changer. I told them flat out that that was ridiculous and I'll just order it online as it'd only cost me $3.
Hey, did you ever find a good source of OTG cables for the Pyra?
They are getting harder to find. A key into it is to find things that were built to be OTG cables for the Galaxy Note 3 and/or the Galaxy S5.

How rare can it be if you can get one from Walmart?

More rare - a Pyra to Pyra direct microUSB 3.0 connector?

Via a simple adapter:

How about a USB 3.0 OTG hub?  I have one of these.  Looking forward to trying it on a Pyra.

So, the adapters and cables exist - it's just a pain to find them in the pile of USB C type 3.1 connectors mislabeled as microUSB 3.0.
Wow, that last one isn't even 3.0. It has the right connector, but the wire is too thin to be 3.0 and all the ports on it are 2.0.