Release Updated Powder, Can't Upload to Repo


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May 28, 2010
Santa Barbara, California
Because I'm not the original packager! anyway if you guys want it here it is. If you guys can get it uploaded, or know how I can (I already contacted joseluis) go for it/ tell me.

It's a great game, thanks to everyone who made it happen!

Powder 115 PND
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Hi there,

sorry kinda missed this, but I got your report now.

To add you as maintainer I need the username you use to login on the repo, I assume it's "Thann", but I would need your confirmation to be sure.

(Reply to me here or to the mail I sent you).
As per my pm I forwarded your report on to the original uploaded I would have hoped he would reply to ur report as it contains your email if not my suggestion would be just to upload your own version

I.e. use your own package id, there would be 2 available versions, you could just add some information about ur updated version to the additional info.

I'm not too sure adding maintainers to someone else's upload without their prior consent is the best idea what do u think foxblock?
I agree that messing with someone else's upload should be avoided, but I don't like the idea of having multiple PNDs of the same app, especially if those are about version differences (and the changed have been confirmed working) and not major structural changes - it's confusing and enforces the problem the repo actually should be solving.

In this case as you forwarded the report and this notice has been in here for quite a while it can be assumed that the original author is probably MIA as he would have responded otherwise.

Also the original version is not lost, it's still available from the older version archive.
I hope this fixes the broken run.. The old Powder exitted immediately after launchin a bg app.. So pnd tried to exit and half blew up while game went on. Sortof worked in xfce but bi flop in mmenu

Bad port :)

Thann .. any chance you'll look into fixing the launch behaviour? Its really not good the way it is, if it still has the fork/unmount problem :) (it .. causes some instability/leaks afterwards with the improper unmount, doesn't work for minimenu users at all, etc.)

Perhaps the run-script has an extraneous & to cause backgrounding when it shouldn't (5 minute fix), or perhaps the code does a fork() and exit on parent, or something; in that case, coudl fix the code.. or even easier -- just have the run-script do a loop, using ps | grep powder to see if its still running and if so, repeat; exit the loop when the program is not found, letting the run-script exit and return to to do the unmount stuff. (20 min fix :)

Should be an easy fix...

Haha, the hardest part about fixing that was to stop playing powder long enough to upload it to the repo!

You were correct, It was launching in the background.

Let me know if I can improve other programs or packages, I don't know of any "help wanted" section other than port requests.

Thanks for Everything PortMaster Skeezix!
After lying dormant for about a year I pulled out my Pandora again...

Does this game work for anybody? PND won't start on my CC, not found. I tried compiling from source but I'm bad at this. This is like the only game I really wanna play next to gravity something. And Powder is pretty bad on a touchscreen-only thingy.

In other news, youtube downloader doesn't download anything :-(
The version from the repo (that you commented on) works for me on my Ghz.

The log isn't very long, but it is that starts.  That just reports 'Powder initializing' and that's it.  Perhaps you've a corrupted download?
The version from the repo (that you commented on) works for me on my Ghz.

The log isn't very long, but it is that starts.  That just reports 'Powder initializing' and that's it.  Perhaps you've a corrupted download?
Hm, I deleted and reinstalled it at least half a dozen times until giving up :-s

Well now I have an incentive to keep trying - took long enough for someone to try on their unit. Thanks Levi.
So I've got my Pandora back and the md5 I get is


for powder.joseluisjazz.pnd. Same result on other PCs.

Edit: Manuelly mounting the PND, check contents of UTMP directoy... just a bunch of character text files from guys I have never created, a savefile and a readme.

Could somebody please, please upload their working PND somewhere? I need perfect Powder on Pandora, pretty please :(

Editedit: Looking at the PND in PNDtools, looks fine, is there.

Edit³: Nevermind. Got the binary from PNDtools, copy to opa, create starter.

Still wondering what's wrong with the PND though.
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