Tutorial: How to get software on your Pandora

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Apr 5, 2012
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This is just a short and simple tutorial on how to easily install software on your Pandora, if you just got your Pandora and you don't know how to get started.

You will need an SD card. Typically the SD card is already formatted, so you can just keep it like that or re-format it to whatever type of filesystem you like. If it's a large card (64 GB or bigger), you may have to reformat it to make it work, since Microsoft's proprietary exFAT filesystem (which is often used for large SD cards) is not supported on the Pandora.

On the SD card, create a folder (in the root of that card) called "pandora", and a subfolder of that folder called "apps".

Now go to the repo and download PNDManager. Put this file (pndmanager.pnd) in the folder you just created (pandora/apps). This is the only program you have to install in this manual way.

Finally insert the SD card into your Pandora (if it's not already in there), and just start PNDManager. It will be under "System" in the menu, and also on the desktop if you're using xfce. This interface should be user-friendly enough to not require any further explanation, and it allows you to install and update almost all Pandora software.

Optional: you can create an account on the repo so you can leave comments and ratings. Once you have an account, you can configure PNDManager so that you can write comments and give ratings from within PNDManager, without needing to go to the repo website. Here's how:

You first have to generate an API key. Go to the repo, click on "My Account" and then on "Account Details". Now copy the API key (generate it first if you don't have one yet).

Then you have to edit a file on your SD card: the file is [sD-card]/pandora/appdata/pndmanager/settings.cfg, and what you need to change are the last two lines:

username=[your repo username]

apiKey=[your api key]

Now when you start PNDManager again, you will be able to leave comments and ratings.
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